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What does your lunch style say about you?

We all have our favorite lunch spots, but the way you munch at your favorite local deli, pizza shop or brown bag it says a lot about you. Grab a pen, jot down your answers to this handy quiz and see what your lunch style says about you.


How do you munch?

1. It’s going to be a long day, so you’ll need to pack a lunch. Which is most likely what you’d choose to put in your lunch sack:

A. A veggie wrap made with a whole-grain tortilla, carrot sticks, a few raw almonds and an apple.
B. Sushi that you hand-rolled last night, complete with low-sodium soy sauce, a side of wasabi and a small serving of brown rice. Don’t forget the chop sticks to complete the Asian dining experience!
C. A frozen, microwaveable burrito, bag of chips, and soda.
D. Who has time to pack a lunch? You’ll just grab something from a vending machine or skip lunch if you have to.


2. Your favorite sandwich is:

A. Turkey on whole grain bread, loaded with fresh veggies – lettuce, tomato, sprouts, cucumber slices, etc. etc.
B. Tenderloin and goat cheese on ciabatta roll with an interesting aoli sauce.
C. A Big Mac
D. One that you can pick up at a convenience store while you stop to get gas.


3. When you are meeting friends for lunch, what’s your favorite spot?

A. You prefer to have the girls over so you can prepare a healthy lunch. This way, you can control the calories and portions – and you know exactly what’s in your food.
B. You love doing research on new restaurants in town or local best-kept secrets. Your girlfriends always let you choose where you’ll meet.
C. It’s always a toss up between Mexican or Italian – either way, you love the basket of chips or bread that they serve before the meal.
D. You try to combine lunch with another activity/errand, so sometimes you’ll meet a friend for a fruit smoothie while you walk through the park during your lunch hour.


4. How often do you eat out for lunch?

A. 1-2 times a week
B. 3-4 times a week
C. 5-6 times a week
D. 7+ times a week


5. Fill in the rest of this sentence: If you skip lunch:

A. You grab a snack such as cottage cheese and celery sticks or hummus and whole grain pita later in the day so you don’t derail your healthy eating at dinner.
B. It’s because you’re saving room for a decadent dinner at a new high-end restaurant in town.
C. You consider it a free pass to have an extra helping of ice cream after dinner.
D. You dig around in your purse for a baggie of nuts or a granola bar. You always have something on-hand to munch on.


Tally your results!

Mostly A’s: Healthy Luncher
You like to eat healthy, but you also have a healthy outlook on life. You realize a nutritious lunch is an important part of your day. Keep on lunching!

Mostly B’s: Gourmet Girl
You are a sucker for fine food, whether it’s homemade or from a fine dining restaurant or a local mom and pop. You love to expand your horizons by trying new foods and indulging in your old favorites.

Mostly C’s: Junk Food Muncher
Fast-food chains are your best friend, but you deserve better than that! Don’t succumb to fast food and over-processed prepackaged food for lack of time. Are you really hitting the drive thru because you think you are too busy for a worthwhile lunch or are you an emotional eater? A fast, healthy lunch is possible! Give it a try.

Mostly D’s: On-the-go-gal
You are constantly either working or on the go, so food is not a high priority for you. However, you should take a small amount of time each day to refuel and re-nourish your body and soul. Find time, even if it’s just once a week at first, to sit down and actually enjoy your lunch instead of wolfing it down while working and doing errands.

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