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Family attractions in Ohio

The state of Ohio is studded with idiosyncratic destinations that will entertain and delight families of all ages. The rock formations in Ohio have facilitated the creation of many caves that played an important role in Native American life. And on a less natural note, but no less awesome, Ohio is home to dozens of waterparks and theme parks to thrill children and adults alike.

Santa Maria in Columbus


The Santa Maria

Columbus won the right to house a reproduction of Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria ship. This is a museum-quality authentic ship that gives multiple 45 minute tours of all aspects of life aboard the journey that brought Columbus and his men to America.

Children will be able to simulate lighting the cannon, envision using only wind and current for propulsion and the sun and the stars for direction, taste the dry biscuits they ate, pull heavy ropes, and imagine the challenges of urinating and defecating overboard.

More about visiting the Santa Maria

Address: Battelle Riverfront Park, 25 Marconi Blvd, Columbus

Phone: 614.645.8760

Hours & Admission: Check their site for current info




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