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Amusement park safety tips

An anticipated event of summer for many families is going to an amusement or theme park. The harrowing rides, the indulgent junk food, and fun in the sun are too exciting to pass up. Amusement parks aren’t all fun and games, however. From sunburn to risky rides, theme parks can pose hazards to your family. That doesn’t mean nixing your summer visit, it just means keeping the following amusement park safety tips in mind.

Dad and daughter at amusement park

1. Go prepared

Start by getting a map of the park and setting up an action plan with your family before you even enter the gates. Figure out the areas of the park you want to visit, meeting places at certain times, and an emergency plan if you get separated. In addition, be sure to wear sunscreen (reapply every two hours or sooner if you get wet), stay hydrated, and wear comfortable clothing and shoes.


2. Heed the amusement park rules

Stay in designated visitor areas as well as in age-appropriate areas. Before you get in line for a ride, read the rules; some rides are not appropriate if you are pregnant, too short or have certain medical conditions. Don’t eat or drink on rides because you can get choked. Keep your hands and legs inside the ride and strap yourself in as instructed. And certainly do not cut in line at a ride no matter how excited you are to get on it.


3. Tune in to your kids

Amusement and theme parks are fun for the whole family but that doesn’t mean repeatedly getting on your favorite amusement ride leaving your kids to fend for themselves. If your kids are old enough to go on their own, stay in contact via cell phones or by meeting at designated places to see how they are doing. Though they are usually full of boundless energy, they can get fatigued, sick from eating too much, or dehydrated. For the little ones that are with you, ask them periodically how they are doing and watch them for signs of fatigue or dehydration.


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