California home school groups

Homeschooling groups in the state of California are numerous and provide a network for resources, support and information for those are currently homeschooling their children or those considering the homeschool option. Here are a few examples of where to find information on homeschooling in the state of California:

Children painting mural

California Homeschool Network
Phone: (800) 327-5339


Homeschool Association of California (HSC)
Phone: (888) HSC-4440


California Teen Homeschoolers


Local homeschool groups include those that are specific to certain regions throughout California, as well as those that incorporate a religious foundation. Here are a few of these types of groups:


Heartland Christian Academy


West Valley Homeschoolers of Los Angeles


Homeschooling Park Hoppers


California Christian Homeschoolers


Fresno Sunnyside Christian Academy, ISP


Monterey Bay Military Homeschoolers


Culver-Westchester Homeschool Network


Mountains Christian Academy


Santa Monica West LA Child Led Learners


Conejo Valley Homeschoolers


Homeschooling in Santa Clarita Valley


Humboldt Homeschoolers


Tri-Valley Explorers (Northern California)


Unit Study Adventures


Valley Home Educators



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