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Arizona home schooling groups

According to Melanie Harris, mother of 4 homeschooled children ages 6-13, most homeschooling parents belong to a co-op group. A Homeschool Co-op, like Melanie’s East Side Explorers in Arizona, is a group of private homeschooling families that facilitate group academic or extra-curricular teaching such as Spanish language, PE and art.

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Arizona Families for Home Education
AFHE is the state organization. All homeschoolers are encouraged to join AFHE and support their efforts to promote and maintain homeschooling in the state of Arizona.

AZ HEAT – Homeschool Sports
As an organization, AZ HEAT desires to assist parents in developing an athlete/student through the practical application of their faith in sports and academia. The group is governed by a Board of Directors and are a support group for homeschool families disseminating information and providing direction for academic training.


Arizona Jewish Homeschoolers
A discussion forum and information exchange for homeschooling and unschooling Jewish educators/parents (or those just thinking about it), living in Arizona.


Better Education Through Tradition (BETT) Home Educators
BETT places an emphasis on cooperative teaching, strong family values, and the importance of education. BETT has a Tucson-wide membership base. Monthly field trips and cooperative teaching are offered to facilitate a lifelong enjoyment of learning.


Eastside Explorers
Offers educational opportunities and activities, including parent support meetings, monthly park days with workshops, field trips, special events, and a monthly newsletter. This co-op operates within a framework of Judeo-Christian values.


Eclectic Homeschoolers of Northern Arizona
Based in Flagstaff, Eclectic Homeschoolers of Northern Arizona is a Homeschool Support Group offering friendship and support to homeschooling families of all types, with children of all ages.


Rainbow Explorers
Christian homeschool support group that serves African-American families in the Greater Phoenix area. They welcome all families that are homeschooling African-American children including those families of any religion and families with parents of diverse races. Offers park days, field trips, and other activities.


Support groups, clubs and co-ops can be found by county on the AFHE website and include groups with a secular or Christian foundation.


Look for Homeschool Email Networks to expand your homeschooling experience. These are internet-based groups run by an individual or group that is geared specifically for homeschoolers. A Homeschool Email Network is not itself a for-profit business nor run by a for-profit business. An Email Network may be established by an individual or group for the benefit of other homeschoolers utilizing a particular curriculum, resource, method of teaching, philosophy, or that share some other commonality.

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