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25 Fun learning activities to do before the end of the summer

If you believe the lazy days of summer should be no work and all play, you might not know that on average, students lose approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalency over the summer months.

Learning outdoors in the summer

Keeping up with math and reading is extremely important if you want your children to retain what they have learned and prepare for the next grade level. If you’re looking for creative ways to keep the kids learning this summer, we have you covered! Whether you are a homeschooling family or not, you’ll love these fun (and educational) activities.

Summer learning activities

Here are 25 fun ways to engage your children in educational activities during the summer months:


Visit a museum, science center or gallery. Along with summer camps and classes, most museums will offer specials and day programs for children throughout the summer.


Volunteer. Find a way to give back this summer by volunteering at a nursing home, help build a community garden, or work a few days at your local food bank or soup kitchen.


Get artsy. Have a designated art day and try your hands at different mediums of art, such as watercolor, acrylic, molding clay, pastels and oil.


Go hiking or walk a nature trail in search of rocks and minerals.


Look up! Find your way around the summer night sky.


Study frogs. Find a lake and collect tadpoles to raise, the process is amazing!


Start a vegetable garden and reap the sweet rewards of melons, cucumbers and tomatoes.


Create a carnivorous plant terrarium.


Enjoy some science fun with a diet soda volcano outdoors.


Make a rainbow.


Study a new language. Check out free resources at your local library.


Make bubbles and get creative.


Join your library’s summer reading program.


Learn a new craft, such as origami, knitting, paper mache or decoupage.


Learn to code. Technology is here to stay; give children a head start with this free site.


Start building. Kids love Lego, why not try a few sets from Lego Education on days when it’s just too hot to go outdoors?


Head to the kitchen. Teach your children how to cook basic breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Just be prepared to have a blooming chef on your hands.


Visit a nature center or start a nature study.


Dissect a frog or fish.


Try geocaching — a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt.


Write a book.


Make a dictionary of new words and add to it daily.


Track the weather with these free printables.


Celebrate summer by learning with the senses.


Create a backyard summer camp!

Of course, the best way for children to learn is through everyday happenings, so take advantage of teachable moments that may arise. Stealth learning is an easy way to get your children to work on math, reading, history and geography without even knowing it!

Image credit: Tiany Davis

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