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Nautical baby names for boys and girls

As you search for the perfect baby name, consider the big blue sea. These nautical baby names draw inspiration from the oceans of the world — and the brave men and women who explore them.

Nautical names for babies
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For centuries, the world’s oceans have inspired adventurers and artists. Everyone has a favorite story about the sea, from swashbuckling pirates to headstrong mermaids. Give your baby a nautical name inspired by the ocean and those who explore it.

Nautical boy names

These baby boy names are inspired by the sea and ocean explorers. Find highly unique names like Dune and popular classics like Drake on this list of nautical baby names.

  • Bay – Bays are inlets of water attached to oceans and seas. This is a lovely, unexpected name for boys.
  • Caspian – While it’s not an ocean, the Caspian Sea is the world’s biggest enclosed body of water.
  • Davey – Perhaps a little morbid, Davey Jones is considered the sailors’ devil. The bottom of the sea is referred to as Davey Jones’ locker.
  • Drake – In the 1500s, English privateer Francis Drake sailed around the world.
  • Dune – Dunes are sloped, steep mounds of sand built by shoreline winds. Dune is a unique, pretty name for boys.
  • Finn – This popular name is reminiscent of fin, making it slyly nautical without outright referring to fish.
  • Jacques – Jacques Cousteau was one of the first undersea explorers and pioneered marine conservation.
  • Kai – In Welsh, the name Kai means “sea.” This is also a popular Hawaiian name meaning “keeper of the keys.”
  • Moby – Herman Melville’s famous American novel features a huge white whale named Moby Dick.
  • Ray – Many species of ray, which are related to sharks, roam the oceans of the world. Large manta rays can reach a width of 23 feet.

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Nautical girl names

These baby girl names draw inspiration from the sea. From well-known Ariel to unique Sela, these are lovely names for baby girls.

  • Ariel – In The Little Mermaid, mermaid Ariel’s independent spirit guides her to explore a new frontier.
  • Blue – Undeniably the color of the ocean, Blue is a beautiful, unique baby girl name. This is a classic nautical color.
  • Cali – Name your daughter after California, a state known for beautiful beaches and the beautiful people who enjoy them.
  • Chelsea – Australian Chelsea Hedges is one of the world’s most renowned surfers.
  • Coral – Found in tropical waters, coral is actually a living thing. These marine invertebrates create colorful structures that house many species of tropical marine life.
  • Ocean – This unique baby girl name gives your baby a majestic namesake. What could be more nautical than the ocean herself?
  • Pearl – Pearls are one of the wonders of the sea. This old-fashioned name has classic appeal, making it perfect for modern little girls.
  • Piper – The sandpiper is a small bird known for skimming gracefully over the water and frolicking on the beach.
  • Sailor – Unusual and pretty, Sailor is a unique girl name with a pure nautical meaning.
  • Sela – A Norwegian princess in the fourth century, Sela became an infamous pirate and warrior.

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