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The hottest new baby girl names of 2013

What do we predict will be the hottest new baby girl names of 2013? Find out which Game of Thrones name is rising in popularity, as well as unique names that you will not love — but your friends will be jealous they didn’t think of them first!

Each year the Social Security Administration keeps track of the most popular baby names of the year, taken from Social Security Card applications for births in the United States. This year, the top baby girl name for the second year in a row is Sophia.

What we find even more interesting are those names that are rising in popularity the fastest, especially if you are looking for a more unique name. You won’t find these names at the top of the most popular baby name lists just yet… which is why we like them! Last year, the hottest baby girl name was Briella — and this year the hottest new baby girl name is Arya.

Top 50 hottest new baby girl names

  1. Arya
  2. Perla
  3. Catalina
  4. Elisa
  5. Raelynn
  6. Rosalie
  7. Haven
  8. Raelyn
  9. Briella
  10. Marilyn
  11. Adelynn
  12. Hanna
  13. Ayla
  14. Averie
  15. Arabella
  16. Paisley
  17. Arielle
  18. Adalynn
  19. Elsie
  20. Myla
  21. Eloise
  22. Skyler
  23. Ivy
  24. Rowan
  25. Kali
  26. Yaretzi
  27. Miracle
  28. Charlie
  29. Baylee
  30. Logan
  31. Juliette
  32. Paris
  33. Aria
  34. Athena
  35. Adelyn
  36. Jaylah
  37. Lucille
  38. Adelaide
  39. Vivienne
  40. Emery
  41. Cali
  42. Mila
  43. Kamila
  44. Skylar
  45. Charlee
  46. Luna
  47. Fiona
  48. Emilia
  49. Brynlee
  50. Norah

The Games of Thrones influence

The baby girl name Arya is this year’s biggest mover in the Top 500 list, according to the Social Security Administration. The agency believes the character Arya Stark (played by actress Maisie Williams) from the HBO show Game of Thrones may have contributed to the jump in popularity. Arya is of Indian origin and means, “noble goddess.”

We see more of this pop culture influence with several celebrity baby names on the list. For example, Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy may have helped increase the popularity of the name Ivy, which is number 23 on the list. Here are more girl names on the list and the celebrity that helped influence them:

  • Arabella: Ivanka Trump’s daughter
  • Eloise: Denise Richards’ newly adopted daughter
  • Skyler: Rachel Zoe’s son
  • Adelaide: Katherine Heigl’s daughter
  • Vivienne: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter
  • Paisley: Jennie Finch’s daughter

The Spanish influence

Perla is the second fastest climbing name for girls and the agency says that is due to the increase in the Spanish-speaking population here in the U.S.. Perla is a Latinized form of the name Pearl. Several other names on the list are of Spanish origin, including Catalina and Elisa.

Spiritual names

Spiritual names are a popular choice for today’s parents. The name Haven is rising in popularity, as is the virtue name Miracle. The Greek name Athena, which is the Goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology, is becoming a popular choice for girls.

Parents are also looking to the sky for baby name inspiration, with girl names like Luna and Skyler becoming a trendy choice for the youngest generation.

Names ending in -lynn

Girl names that end in -lynn, such as Raelynn and Adelynn (and the alternate spelling Adalynn), are a huge baby name trend.

Parents are also having fun switching up the spellings of names, such as Charlee instead of Charlie, or Kamila instead of Camila or Baylee instead of Bailey.

What are you favorite new baby girl names?

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