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Outrageous baby products Kate Middleton should splurge on

Ever fantasize about having an unlimited baby budget? For Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, that fantasy is close to a reality. We’ve done Kate a favor and hand-picked outrageously expensive baby products she should splurge on for her little royal.

Pregnant Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is living a real life fairy tale. As she prepares for the arrival of her newborn royal, she can select the best of the best when it comes to baby gear. We’ve picked out what this trendsetting mom-to-be should splurge on.

Enormous playhouse

Coral Gables Cottage - Kate Middleton Royal Baby Gear

It will be a while before Kate’s little one is old enough to toddle around outside, but when she does, she can enjoy everything from running water to a security system thanks to the Coral Gables Cottage (Posh Tots, $42,000). This playhouse can even be customized as a replica of Buckingham Palace.

Stylish stroller

Bloom Zen stroller - Kate Middleton Royal Baby Gear

Not as totally outrageous as other strollers on the market, this system still comes in at a hefty price tag. Kate will stroll in style whether she’s pushing a little boy or a little girl in the boldly colored Bloom Zen stroller (, $800) — or pram, as they say in the U.K.

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Handmade high chair

Sibi Henry IV High Chair - Kate Middleton Royal Baby Gear

Forget plastic and licensed characters. Kate’s royal baby deserves a handmade wooden high chair with a luxury price tag. The Sibi Henry IV High Chair (The Fusion Company, $1,350) has a slick design and a royal name, making it the only logical option for the royal baby.

Modern design cradle

Kare Frandsen cradle - Kate Middleton Royal Baby Gear

The Kåre Frandsen Cradle (Kare Frandsen, $2,444) can be customized with just about any color scheme, making this ultra-pricey bassinet perfect for a future prince or princess. Will Kate pick one in a bold color or go with something soft and neutral? Whatever she picks, it’s sure to be posh enough for a royal baby.

Pink puffy coat

Moncler puffy coat - Kate Middleton Royal Baby Gear

When the weather cools down this winter, Kate should keep her little one warm in a stylish Moncler puffy coat (Neiman Marcus, $350). Don’t worry, it also comes in blue. Mum can wear her own puffy coat for a cute coordinating look that isn’t too matchy-matchy.

Sleek changing table

Changing table - Kate Middleton Royal Baby Gear

Sure, babies are only in diapers for a short time in the grand scheme of childhood, but who wants to change diapers on an unsightly changing table? The ducduc Stonington 4 Drawer Changer (, $2,195) has sleek modern lines, and to be fair, it converts to a dresser when Baby outgrows it.

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Luxury jumper

Burberry check jumper - Kate Middleton Royal Baby Gear

There are few clothing lines as iconic as British classic Burberry. This Burberry check jumper (Neiman Marcus, $155) will keep the royal baby warm and cozy without sacrificing a bit of style. Kate will love the unisex color scheme and adorable details.

Fairy tale crib

Beloved 4-poster crib - Kate Middleton Royal Baby Gear

Whether Kate has a boy or a girl, her young royal deserves a spectacular crib. What better than an ornate crib that resembles a classic four poster bed? The Beloved 4 Poster Baby Crib (Rosenberry Rooms, $6,490) isn’t exactly a budget option, but it’s perfect for a prince or princess.

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