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The best infertility apps

When you are trying to beat infertility, you need all the help you can get. Your smartphone, along with the right apps, can help you get organized and stay organized. These infertility apps are just the ticket!

Woman on her iPhone

I live and die by my smartphone — and ironically hardly ever use it as an actual phone — so when it comes to charting my fertility, tracking my basal body temperature, what medications I’m taking, my injection schedule, appointments and keeping a list of questions to ask my reproductive endocrinologist, it was a no-brainer to download a couple of very helpful apps.

Fertility Friend (free)

Fertility Friend appFertility Friend helps you track your menstrual cycle and is completely integrated with the website for convenient use on your smartphone or computer and offers a VIP membership with even more features. Once you become pregnant, move on to the integrated Pregnancy Tracker app.

What To Expect: Fertility (free)

What to Expect Fertility app

My personal favorite… from the well-known What to Expect When You’re Expecting franchise, the What to Expect Fertility Tracker app is very user-friendly and gives you access to the What to Expect message boards — which offer much-needed support from others and current articles about fertility, too.

My Cycles (free)

My Cycles app

Record your menstrual cycles, sexual activity and physical symptoms with the My Cycles app by MedHealth. Take advantage of the immense social network of the MedHelp community by asking questions in one of the many forums

Pink Pad Pro ($1.99)

Pink Pad Pro app

Designed with a calendar-style user interface, the Pink Pad Period Tracker Pro app helps you keep track of your cycles, your physical and emotional well-being, all while connecting you to a global network of women for support.

Woman Calendar ($9.99)

Woman calendar app

The Woman Calendar app tracks all the basics — basal body temperature, cervical mucus, weight, exercise and physical symptoms, but also offers separate views for the calendar and fertility forecast. This app is password-protected to keep your personal records safe and allows you to backup and restore data via any web browser on your PC.

iVitro ($9.99)

iVitro app

Developed by a couple who have actually gone through IVF, iVitro helps you organize and schedule your IVF cycle and keeps track of information about your current and past cycles. With iVitro, all of your information is stored in one spot and can be easily emailed to doctors with the simple touch of a button.

Everything you need to know to hopefully get pregnant can be right at your fingertips and readily available. Although these apps are all very helpful resources, please remember that these smartphone apps are intended to collect data and provide approximate fertility predictions, and are not meant to be used exclusively. Always discuss your family planning regimen with your doctor.

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