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Summertime baby names just right for your little ray of sunshine

Names inspired by the ocean

One of the American family’s favorite summer pastimes is hanging out at the beach. From the water’s gorgeous blue hues to the sea life within, the ocean provides countless baby names to consider.

Baby girl names

  • Abalone: These edible sea snails make gorgeous jewelry. Try Abe for a boy. (Danish)
  • Coral: These rock-like sea deposits come in breathtaking colors. We like Coralina too. (English)
  • Marina: The ideal place to park your yacht has the makings of a terrific baby name. (Greek)
  • Sandy: Sink your feet into the sand and embrace this name that suits girls and boys alike. (English)
  • Shelly: You can create a million things from the beautiful seashells you collect. Consider Sheldon for a boy. (English)

Baby boy names

  • Dune: Nothing beats a dune buggy for getting around the sandy beach. (Scottish)
  • Finn: Who knew that fish scales would inspire such a popular boy’s name? (Irish)
  • Gar: This freshwater fish lives in America. A Gar might also be the spear used to kill a fish. (English)
  • Marlin: The Atlantic Blue Marlin is one of the largest of the species. Try Marlina or Marlinda for a girl. (English)
  • Rip: Rip tides move much more quickly than human swimmers. Always use caution offshore! (English)

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