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Summertime baby names just right for your little ray of sunshine

There’s a name for someone like you who comes alive when that first day of summer hits. These sweet and sunny summer baby names might strike a chord with the thalassophiles out there, or the parents-to-be who are lovers of the sea.

Giving your little boy or girl a summer-inspired name serves as the perfect reminder to celebrate the season all year long, by slowing down and appreciating the good stuff. You know what they say is true — they grow up way too fast.

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Names that mean “Summer”

Summer baby names
Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows;Image via Getty Images

Summer is celebrated worldwide, as indicated by these international monikers:

Baby girl names

  • Chinatsu: A thousand summers (Japanese)
  • Chow: Summer (Chinese)
  • Natsuki: Summer hope (Japanese)
  • Suma: Born during the summer (English)
  • Summer: Born during the summer (English)
  • Udara: Summer (Basque)

Baby boy names

  • Sheiling: From the summer pasture (Scottish)
  • Somer: Born in summer (French)
  • Somerset: From the summer settlers (English)
  • Somerton: From the summer estate (English)
  • Somerville: From the summer estate (French)
  • Theros: Summer (Greek)

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