Chatting it up with the Honest Toddler

May 21, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Parents of toddlers know — they are a chatty bunch. Most of our tiny tots are either babbling nonsense or possibly stringing a few words together to form simple sentences. But what if your toddler could really tell you what’s on his mind?

Bunmi Laditan and family

The Honest Toddler not only tells adults the real deal on toddlerhood, but he tweets about it, too.

Want to know what your toddler really thinks? Honest Toddler has taken Twitter by storm with his words of wisdom and honest observations on life around him. With his humor and candid comments he has gathered nearly 235,000 Twitter followers — and counting. He has opinions on everything from potty training to playpens. We recently had the chance to ask everyone’s favorite toddler a few questions.

SheKnows: Your refreshingly honest commentary about life as a toddler has pushed you to celebrity status. Is it hard for you to maintain your normal toddler existence of play dates and diaper changes when you know you are really an A-list celebrity?

Honest Toddler: Grandma has been telling me that I'm everything for quite some time now so this is nothing new.

SK: Cloth, or disposable?

HT: As long as they're legitimate diapers that allow me to live the lifestyle I've become accustomed to, it doesn't matter.

SK: You recently moved to a “big bed.” Any tips for toddlers who are still trapped in the crib, because their parents are afraid they will escape?

HT: Throw yourself over the top. You'll get a new bed soon enough (and maybe a fancy helmet).

SK: We love your honesty on Twitter, but is there any topic that is “off-limits”?

HT: Unlike some people, I don't like putting items out of reach for no reason.

The mom behind the mouth

The Honest Toddler

For quite some time, the true identity of Honest Toddler’s “voice” remained secret. Bunmi Laditan is the creative mom behind the voice of the Honest Toddler who managed to stay behind-the-scenes — at least in the beginning. She came up with the idea of being able to hear a toddler’s true thoughts back in May 2012, during a challenging time with her then 2-year-old. From there, she started to tweet as Honest Toddler, and the whole thing just took off. She has just released her book, The Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting and also has a blog.

Humor helps

Part of what people love about the Honest Toddler is simply the humor behind everyday life. We asked Laditan if humor is an important part of her parenting style. “I find that being able to find the humor in life is a crucial part of living in general,” she says. “Eventually they're going to be all grown up. Finding the funny in the frustration helps me appreciate ridiculous battles over yogurt flavors and sock seams while they're still pint-sized,” she adds. One of her favorite things about the Honest Toddler phenomenon is the interaction she has with Twitter and Facebook fans. “Their hilarious responses are what keep me going!”

Book launch

Loyal followers of the Honest Toddler’s tweets and blog posts were enthusiastic about Laditan’s new book, which was recently released and is expected to be very popular. We asked her if writing the book was a challenge, since previously the Honest Toddler “spoke” in 140-character tweets and blog posts. “Once we developed a concept, it really came together,” she said of the book. “I didn't want to just publish a list of tweets or blog posts so a parenting guide was the natural choice. The framework really allowed Honest Toddler to have more of a developed set of demands,” she says.

Baby on the way

In addition to the launch of her book, Laditan is pregnant with her third child. We asked if she thought toddlerhood the third time around would be easier, now that she has broken the secret “code” of toddler talk. “I don't think so,” she says. “My first was a piece of cake. My second, a wildcard. Who knows what's in store for me? I dare not even try to guess,” she adds.

Need a break from the toddler clinging to your leg? Check out the Honest Toddler on Twitter, Facebook or on the blog. Guaranteed for a few good laughs.

Image credit: Katinka Rubin Michaud

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