Baby names banned in New Zealand

May 13, 2013 at 5:45 p.m. ET

Out-there names like Lucifer and President are banned in New Zealand, and it’s easy to see why. But what about the cool names on the list? Discover some gems on the list of baby names banned in New Zealand.

Banned baby names in New Zealand

Can you imagine the government having a say in what you name your baby? CNN reports that in New Zealand, the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages bans certain names each year. Many are banned because they correspond with government titles. Others are banned because, well... let’s just say one of the banned names is Anal.

We’ve taken a look at the list of banned names and picked out some hidden gems.

Banned baby names for girls

These baby girl names might be banned, but we wouldn’t rule them out. Discover the not-so-bad baby girl names that are banned in New Zealand. These are quirky, but they’re by no means horrible. If you love unique baby names, you’ll love these six girl names banned in New Zealand.

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Banned baby names for boys

If you’re looking for an unusual boy name, check out the list of boy names that are banned in New Zealand. They’re offbeat names, but they’re not life-ruining levels of weird. Bishop and Duke are both especially cute baby boy names that have a charming, southern feel to them.

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Names that should definitely stay banned

There are some truly bizarre names on the list of baby names banned in New Zealand. These names are better off banned. Here are 14 bizarre baby names that no child should be saddled with.

  • V8
  • Constable
  • III
  • Sir
  • Messiah
  • . (period)
  • Master
  • 4Real
  • VI
  • Mafia No Fear
  • Majesti
  • 89
  • Mr
  • 5th

Tips for choosing unusual baby names

If you’re going to give your baby an unusual name, be realistic about what you and your child are in for. If it’s hard to pronounce, anticipate a lot of correcting and spelling it out. If it’s downright weird, know that people will react to it and it won’t always be positive. Consider pairing a very unusual name with a traditional middle name to give your child a choice to work with. Going with a quirky middle name is a great, neutral way to express yourself without taking over your baby’s identity.

What’s the line between inappropriate and quirky?

How do you feel about names being banned? With many banned names, it’s unquestionable whether or not the name is inappropriate. But for parents who love quirky baby names, that line may be hard to draw.

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When you choose a baby name, are you considering how the name might affect your child’s transition into adulthood? Is potential embarrassment a factor? Share your baby name insights in the comments.

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