Mommy tweets: Beyonce, Holly Madison, Denise Richards

May 10, 2013 at 11:30 a.m. ET

What were on the minds and Twitter feeds of some of our favorite celebrity moms? Girls night out! Kim Kardashian tweets a photo posing with Beyonce and Solange Knowles at the Met Gala. Holly Madison shares photos of her daughter Rainbow and talks about losing 30 pounds of baby weight, while Denise Richards, who recently took in Charlie Sheen’s twin sons, writes about life as a busy mom. Lastly, Kristin Cavallari shares her favorite mom necklace.

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian

“Met Life beyonce solange knowles,” tweeted Kim Kardashian, with this photo of her at the Met Gala with Beyonce and her sister, Solange Knowles.

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Knowles and Solange Knowles

Kardashian, who is seven months pregnant, dressed her baby bump in a head-to-toe floral gown, while Beyonce wore a black and gold gown.

“Gloves. Train. Flowers,” Kim wrote about her gown.

Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z, and Kim K.’s man, Kanye West, are good friends, however reports have circulated that Beyonce wasn’t too fond of Kim — however this picture may put those rumors to rest!

Kim also tweeted a link to her blog in which she talks about going to Beyonce's concert recently. “I went to London to meet up with my good friends Lorraine and Ofira! We went to Beyonce’s show, and had the best girl’s night! Loved my quick London trip!” she wrote.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison is ready to introduce her daughter Rainbow to the world and she tweeted this photo of her baby girl with OMG Insider Tonight's Keltie Colleen.

Holly Madison and Rainbow

It sounds like this new mom has been hard at work! After giving birth to her daughter Rainbow just two months ago, former Playboy bunny Holly Madison is already back in a bikini.

Madison retweeted the following post from Life & Style magazine with a link to her bikini shot:

“EXCLUSIVE: How fab does our gal & new mom @HollyMadison look in a bikini? Check out her amazing 30 lb weight loss,“ with a link to a photo of Madison in a purple bikini.

In the magazine, she talks about how she lost the weight due to “intense cardio” and a “strict diet.”

“I was surprised by how much weight I gained,“ Madison tells Life & Style, revealing she now weighs 120 pounds. “I was a little worried about wearing a bikini, but I feel surprisingly good! Who cares if I still need to lose 10 pounds? I’ve been really healthy and done the best I could. I’m really proud of how I look right now!“

Looking good Mama!

“Motherhood is a wonderful, rewarding, messy, noisy, and sometimes crazy ride — but it's all worth it.“ Madison later wrote.

It sounds like the former Peepshow star still keeps in touch with her famous Las Vegas friends.

“Rainbow loves her gift from Siegfried and Roy! Thank you! #Legends,” she tweeted, with a link to a stuffed white lion.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards and Sam

“Sami & Lola are my dates for the @RADIODISNEY awards..they have their dress picked out!” tweeted Denise Richards.

Richards and her daughter Sam made a colorful appearance at the award’s show. “End of the night hanging in my closet talking to Lola about her 1st awards show she presented! “ Richards later tweeted.

“A fun date night with my girls...mani/pedis & ice cream.. #blessedmama,” Richards wrote, who has daughters Sam and Lola with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen. She also adopted a daughter named Eloise.

“Hope you're having a good weekend..trying to get my Eloise to bed,” she later tweeted.

“thank you for all your lovely & kind messages...xo” Richards tweeted, after the news hit that she would be taking in Sheen’s twin boys whose mother is Brooke Mueller, who has entered rehab again.

Kristin Cavallari ?

“Look how cute these shorts are for Cammers,” Kristin Cavallari tweeted, with this photo of her holding up little suspender shorts for her son Camden.

Kristin Cavallari

What should Jay Cutler get his girlfriend (and mother of his child) for Mother's Day? “My safety pin necklace is a perfect Mother's Day gift! It's available in silver now too. order it here,” tweeted Kristin Cavallari, with a link to her website selling the necklaces for a budget-friendly $22.

“I’m on the set with @TiVo today talking all about TV moms! Who’s your favorite? I love Claire Dunphy,” tweeted Cavallari, referring to Modern Family’s Julie Bowen.

Speaking of Camden, the little cutie is growing up fast. “Watch out ladies!” she tweeted, with a picture of Camden.

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Photos courtesy of Kim Kardashian, Holly Madison, Kristin Cavallari via Twitter; Denise Richards - WENN