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Hot baby names for boys and girls

Is it hot enough for you yet? Move over, spring, and get ready to turn up the heat. Summer is almost here! These hot summertime baby names will get your baby-name list cooking in no time flat.

Summer baby

Never fear — the heat of summer can be as inspiring as it is stifling. Whether you’re due during the hottest months of the year, or you’re looking to the elements as a source of baby name inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

These totally gorgeous baby names come from the heat — they refer to the simple act of being hot (hello, summer!) as well as flames, fire, burning, torches, candles, our sun and everything in between. There is no middle ground here — these names are not simply warm, they are red hot. They would be perfect for your summer babe, especially one of the treasures included like Kenneth, which means “fire born.”

Hot baby names for boys

  • Aidan: A name of Gaelic origin, this means “fire”
  • Ashbel: Hebrew name meaning “fire of Bel”
  • Blaise: Homonym of Blaze
  • Brand: Old Norse name, this means “torch”
  • Brenton: This name, from Old English, means “fire”
  • Edan: This name, meaning “fire,” is of Gaelic origin
  • Flint: A name originated from nature, referring to a stone that when struck, produces fire
  • George: From an Old English myth, slayer of a fire-breathing dragon
  • Ignatius: A Latin name meaning “burning”
  • Kenneth: This name means “fire-born,” and is Gaelic in origin
  • Keegan: An Irish or Gaelic name meaning “small flame”
  • Nuriel: Hebrew name meaning “fire of God”
  • Mishal: A name of Arabic origin meaning “torch, beacon”
  • Spark: Scattered bit of fire, natural name
  • Tandie: A Norse name meaning “fire”

Hot baby names for girls

  • Aithne: A name of Gaelic origin, this name means “fire”
  • Candelaria: Meaning “candle,” this name has Spanish roots
  • Chanda: A Hindi name meaning “hot”
  • Chuma: Aramaic name meaning “heat”
  • Edana: A name that means “fire,” it is of Gaelic origin
  • Elidi: This pretty name means “gift of the sun” and has Greek roots
  • Helen: Greek name meaning “ray of sun”
  • Kalinda: This name is of Hindi origin, and means “sun”
  • Kenna: Feminine form of Kenneth, which means “fire born”
  • Lehava: A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “flame”
  • MacKenzie: An Irish name meaning “fire-born”
  • Nera: This name means “candle” and is of Hebrew origin
  • Siria: Meaning “sun-bright,” of Persian and Spanish origin
  • Soleil: French name meaning “sun”
  • Tandy: This is a feminine form of the Norse name Tandie, and means “fire”

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