Must-have photos of daddy and baby

Jun 12, 2013 at 1:37 p.m. ET

Those precious moments between your guy and your little one will be gone in the blink of an eye. Once your child hits two, their willingness to pose for pictures dwindles. That’s why you need to snap the moment while it’s happening. Posed pictures are great, but these little moments make for truly beautiful, real memories.

The adoring candid

Fatherly love

Capturing love as it’s happening is better than any staged photo. In those raw moments when your guy is loving on your baby, perhaps shirtless and unshowered, snap a quick black and white photo with your DSLR camera. They might not be the most flattering photos, but it shows your man and little one in the way you’ll remember them for the rest of your life. Sometimes our least attractive moments are our most endearing.

Play time

Father and happy daughter

Your mate is perfect with your child, but often only you get to see him in a way that shows he knows how to have fun with your little one. Whether he’s tossing Junior in the air or tickling Junior-ette’s little tootsies, those sweet shots of him having fun with your baby will last a lifetime and show your child when they’re older that they’ve always been loved.

Frame worthy

father and son

So maybe you’re not a fan of department store photos, but having a photo where both your guy and baby are looking at the camera is a great way to show off to the fam what a good looking family you have. Keep one in your wallet and put another in a frame. It might be traditional, but eye contact is one of the key elements of a truly great photograph.

Not-so-glamorous moments

Father with baby strugging with chores

Hey, memories are memories. Maybe your toddler is just now familiarizing themselves with crayons and, well, the white wall looks like a pretty great canvas. When Daddy disciplines them, there’s no reason not to whip out a camera. It might not be the most glamorous of moments, but it’s real and true to what’s actually happening in your life. When your parents say “One day, you’ll look back on this and laugh,” they’re referring to these moments. There’s no reason not to capture them, too.

Learning fun

father and son playing

You know that look when your baby is learning? It’s not just in your imagination. The little twinkle in their eye is distinguishable behind the camera, too. When your significant other is showing your little lady new things and her eyes light up, break out the DSLR. When she’s graduating from Harvard one day, she’ll thank you.

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