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Punk rock baby names

Are you a fan of punk rock? This collection of baby names, stemming from the legends of punk rock, will get you slam dancing in no time.

Punk rock baby

Punk rock got its start in the 1970s and flourished for a decade or two, and has enjoyed revivals as well as a constant underground fan base.

If you love punk rock music, these baby names may inspire you to find the perfect moniker for your baby boy or girl.

The baby names included here come from punk rock legends — artists that may have not become rich or well-known household names, but are those who pushed the boundaries of music in response to traditional mainstream acts. Many feature anti-establishment lyrics and brought their own brand of fame through certain circles, and they were, and still are, thought of as heroes to many around the world.

Baby boy and girl names

While the punk rock genre is represented by plenty of men, there are tons of girl names you can find amongst the bands as well. Also, some names can go either way. Quite a few artists also had stage names, some of which would make an awesome first name (such as Lux) or maybe their original name would be better (as in the case of Eric Reed Boucher, also known as Jello Biafra).

Punk rock baby names

  • Anthony: Anthony Civarelli of Gorilla Biscuits
  • Ari: Ari Up of The Slits was born Ariane Forster
  • Dave: Dave Vanian of The Damned
  • Eric: Jello Biafra, of the Dead Kennedys, was born Eric Reed Boucher
  • Exene: Exene Cervenka, of X, was born Christene Cervenka
  • Glenn: Glenn Danzig of the Misfits
  • Greg: Greg Graffin of Bad Religion or Greg Ginn of Black Flag
  • Henry: Henry Rollins of Black Flag
  • Hudson: From Paul Hudson (stage name H.R.) of Bad Brains
  • Ian: Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat
  • Jesse: Jesse Michaels from Operation Ivy
  • Joe: Joe Strummer from The Clash
  • Joey: From Joey Ramone
  • Kathleen: Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill
  • Kevin: Kevin Seconds of 7 Seconds
  • Kristy: Kristy Wallace of The Cramps was also known as Poison Ivy
  • Lee: Lee Ving of Fear
  • Lou: Lou Koller of Sick of it All
  • Lucas: Dick Lucas of the Subhumans
  • Lux: Lux Interior of The Cramps
  • Mike: Mike Saunders of Angry Samoans or Mike Ness of Social Distortion
  • Milo: Milo Auckerman of the Descendents
  • Nancy: Girlfriend and manager of Sid Vicious
  • Patti: From Patti Smith
  • Roger: Roger Miret of Agnostic Front
  • Scott: Scott Reynolds from All
  • Sheena: From the Ramones song “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker”
  • Sid: Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols
  • Steve: Steve Ignorant of Crass
  • Theo: Theo Kogan of the Lunachicks

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Which name do you like the best? Are there any punk rock legends you’d add to the list?

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