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Baby names inspired by wine

Whether you enjoy a glass of wine now and again or you are a true wine connoisseur, you’ll love these clever baby names inspired by our favorite wines.

Get inspired by your favorite wines

Baby names for wine lovers

Whether you enjoy a glass of wine now and again or you are a true wine connoisseur, you’ll love these clever baby names inspired by our favorite wines.

True wine lovers are more than willing to test the hundreds of types of wine to find the one they can declare a favorite. According to, there are still wines (red, white, rose), sparkling wines and fortified wines. Are you dedicated enough to let one of them inspire your next child’s name?

Baby names inspired by red wine

Red wine is a still beverage made of luscious black grapes. Light or dark, red wines range from very dry to perfectly sweet. Likewise, the baby names inspired by red wine run the gamut:

  • Amarone – Amarone reminds us of the female names Amara (Latin), Amaranda (Greek) and Amarantha (Greek), which mean “Beloved” or “Flower.”
  • Barbera – This red wine, of course, calls to mind Barbara… or perhaps even Babette (French).
  • Franc – Cabernet Franc (French) might also inspire Franca (Spanish), for a girl.
  • Carmenere – Similar names include Carmine (English) for a boy and Carmen (Hebrew) for a girl. Both names mean “Garden.”
  • Grenache – Grenache would be suitable for either a girl or a boy, or you might prefer the legendary Anglo-Saxon name Grendel or the Norse name Grenjad.
  • Laurent – Both Laurena (for a girl) and Laurent (for a boy) might be inspired by St. Laurent red wine.
  • Merlot – Why not consider Merlot along with Merlow (English) or the French names Merla, Merle, Merlin and Merlina?
  • Nero – Inspired by Nero d’Avola, Nero brings to mind the Spanish name Neron, which means “Strong.”
  • Sirah and Syrah – Give a modern twist to the name Sarah, a Hebrew name meaning “Pure” or “Happy.”

Baby names inspired by white wine

A still white wine typically comes from green grapes and boasts flavors from light to heavy. There are more varieties of white wines than there are of red, rose and sparkling.

  • AlbarifioAlba is a baby boy name with Italian and Spanish origins.
  • Beaune – Cote de Beaune calls to mind the masculine moniker Beau (French) and Beaudean (Scandinavian).
  • Chablis – This would likely be a name for a girl, as is Chaba, a Hebrew name meaning “Life.”
  • Chardonnay – If Chardonnay is too much of a mouthful for your tastes, try Chardae, a feminine form of the French name Charles.
  • Chenin – Be inspired by Chenin Blanc with a traditional name like Chen (Chinese).
  • Cherverny – Compare this elegant moniker Cherina (French), Cheryl (Welsh) and Chevy (French).
  • Fiano – Fiano could be a masculine variant of baby girl names Fia (Scottish) or Fianna (Celtic).
  • Gruner – We’ve not heard of any babies named Gruner, but the name Gunnar – which means “Warrior” or “Fighter” – has a variety of origins, including Swedish, Teutonic, Norse, Scandinavian and American.
  • MacconaisMac would be the ideal nickname for the white wine-inspired Macconais.
  • MalvasiaMalva is a baby girl name of Greek origin and means “Soft.”
  • Marsanne – Marsanne is like a pretty combination of Marsha and Marjann.
  • Montrachet – Your son’s formal name could be Montrachet and his nickname Monte.
  • Orvieto – Orvieto reminds us of Orville (French), while Orvieto Abboccato brings to mind Abby (Hebrew) and Cato (Latin).
  • Pinot Grigio – This wine reminds us of Pinochos (Hebrew), Pinon (Biblical) and Grigori (Russian).
  • Pouilly – Would Pouilly Fume inspire you to choose Polly or Lilly for your baby girl?
  • Roussanne – This white wine is most similar to the English name Roseanne, which means “Favor and grace.”
  • Sancerre Sancia, a Latin name that means “Holy,” is a beautiful alternative to Sancerre.
  • Silvaner – Try Silvano (Latin) for a boy and the traditional Silva (also Latin) for a girl.
  • Torrontes – You might like Irish alternatives such as Torrance, Torrian or Torrey.

Baby names inspired by sparkling wine

A secondary fermentation creates the delightful bubbles that separate sparkling wine from other varieties. Which one of these bubbly monikers pops for you?

  • Asti – It’s just one letter off from the Basque name Esti, a baby girl name that means “Of sweet honey flavor.”
  • Brachetto – This name reminds us of Brachah, a Hebrew baby girl name meaning “Blessed.”
  • Brut – The Latin name Brutus means “Stupid,” so we prefer the sparkling wine-inspired Brut.
  • Cava – Similar names include Cavillor (Latin), Cavalon (Arthurian) or Cavan (Irish) for boys and Cavana (Irish) for girls.
  • Champagne – If Charlaine and Charmaine are suitable baby names for girls, then why not Champagne? If it’s a boy you’re expecting, just shorten it to Champ!
  • Demi – Demi-Sec inspired this name, which calls to mind Demi Moore and Demi Lovato.
  • Franciacorta Francia is an English variant of Frances, and we declare Franciacorta a Vino variant of Francia.
  • Lambrusco – Similar names for baby boys include Lambart (German), Lambert (Belgian), Lambi (Norse) and Lambrecht (also German).
  • Moscato – Consider Catori (Native American) for a baby girl or Cato (Latin) for a boy.
  • Shiraz Shira is a Hebrew baby girl name that means “Tune.” Add the Z to make it a boy’s name.

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