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6 Books to help children cope with deployment

Books are undeniably a great resource that can give children not only a literary reasoning of a situation, but also an excellent visual — something that as a parent I can’t always give through mere explanation.

These six books for military families have helped me provide my children a little more understanding for what’s currently going on in our lives, and also helped them prepare for the deployment before it arrived.


A Salute To Our Heroes: The U.S. Marines

A Salute To Our Heroes

While A Salute To Our Heroes: The U.S. Marines (Amazon, $13) is definitely geared towards the Marine Corps, I had to add it in as a good resource. For us personally, this book was a great way to not only let my son know about a Marine’s duty to go overseas, but what being a Marine is all about — giving him a better understanding for what his daddy does.


Countdown ‘Til Daddy Comes Home

Countdown 'Til Daddy Comes Home

The story in Countdown ‘Til Daddy Comes Home (Amazon, $11) is told through the voice of the child whose daddy is going away on deployment. I love this because it makes the story more relatable to children. It can also inspire your children to come up with their own way to countdown to their daddy’s return home.


Love Spots

Love Spots

Yes, there’s an actual reason to why cammies have the digital patterns that they have. But Love Spots
(Amazon, $9) shows kids that those spots on cammies mean so much more. They’re memories for mommy or daddy to reflect on while away. A great way to reassure children they will be thought of every single day.


My Dad’s Deployment

My Dad's Deployment activity book

I bought My Dad’s Deployment: A deployment and reunion activity book for young children (Amazon, $9) before my husband left for his deployment. There are a lot of different activities and crafts to do with your kids, as well as things to do to help them feel connected to their parent while away.


Night Catch

Night Catch

This sweet and beautifully illustrated book, Night Catch (Amazon, $14), gives children a whole new way to feel connected to their parent while away on deployment.


A Paper Hug

A Paper Hug

Saying goodbye isn’t easy. A Paper Hug (Amazon Prime, $7) gives children a special way to say goodbye, and may even inspire them to give a very special gift of their own.

I could continue to go on about all of the great military and deployment books there are out there for military children. As you can see, I have several myself. I highly recommend them to you and your children, especially if your family is getting ready to go through a deployment.

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