Gorgeous mom jewelry for every budget

Whether you are searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, birthday present or “push present” after the birth of a child, mom jewelry is always a sure bet. From personalized necklaces with your child’s names to trendy birthstone bracelets (and even celebrity-approved mom jewelry!) we have rounded up the most gorgeous mom jewelry she is sure to treasure forever.

Jane Seymour Open Heart Collection

Jane Seymour’s Open Hearts collection

Actress (and mom of six children!) Jane Seymour has a beautiful collection of jewelry available at Kay Jewelers called Open Hearts Family that is a great choice for that special mom or grandmother in your life.

“As we near Mother’s Day, I reflect on a number of different and wonderful opportunities that have shaped my life — actress, artist, philanthropist — but by far, the biggest and most important is being a mom,” Seymour tells SheKnows. “As a mother of six children, I know how important it is to keep an open heart, which is something my own mother taught me. My mother’s advice was that only when you can love yourself and keep your heart open can you best give and receive love.”

Seymour, who is pictured wearing a necklace from her collection, tells us that her Open Heart collection has special meaning to her.

“The Open Hearts Family philosophy not only celebrates the traditional family unit, but also the extended families that we create from the people we open our hearts to as we journey through life. When we open our hearts, our family grows — so do we . . . and so can the world,” she said.

Seymour tells us that this Mother’s Day is particularly special to her. “This Mother’s Day, I am overjoyed to have recently welcomed my third grandchild into the world. The ultimate gift any mother can receive is to see her own daughter become an amazing mother, and I am so terrifically proud of all my children and grandchildren.”

Available in necklaces, bracelets, rings and charms, the Open Hearts by Jane Seymour collection is available in a variety of price points ($39.99 and up) to fit every budget and can be viewed at Kay.com.

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