Family photo fails

Why is it that we only see the good family photos? Every mom knows that for each decent photograph of her kids, there were at least a dozen others that didn’t make the cut for some reason or another! We’ve pulled together some of the best reject photos of families, babies and kids for this hilarious feature on family photo fails.

I think we’re done here

Family Photo Fail - The Thomas Family

The Thomas family: Parents Jason and Megan, and kids Ireland (age 4) and Aiden (age 6)

An absolute classic in the family photo fail category, this photograph of the Thomas family includes all of the perfect elements — two parents who are likely exhausted from getting ready for a family photoshoot (despite their still smiling faces!), two adorable kids who have given their last good smiles for the day and a photographer with a good sense of humor… and who knows what life with kids really looks like!

Image credit: John Crozier Photography


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