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Motherhood can be overwhelming on so many levels. Between the hectic schedules and endless responsibilities, finding balance — let alone peace — can be a challenge. Sometimes a mom just needs someone to listen.

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Many mothers are turning to online therapy to help sort out their emotions and rediscover clarity.

Sometimes a mom just needs a little support. But in the midst of grocery shopping, house cleaning, soccer practices and… well, life… support can be hard to find. A lot of moms are finding the emotional care they need online, but not on Facebook or in random chat rooms. Online therapy may be just what you need to calm your stressful life.

A non-traditional path

The life of a mom is anything but typical. We each have unique challenges, trials and triumphs. Sometimes just talking can help a mom sort out her emotions and maintain a sense of balance, but finding the time can be difficult — unless you’re willing to take a bit of an untraditional path. “Online therapy is a great way for stay-at-home moms to get the support they need in the comfort of their own home,” says Alexis Auleta, LCSW, a therapist with “It saves time and money because they don’t need to rearrange their schedules, secure childcare or pay the high fees that come with a private practice setting.” A serious therapy session can take place during nap time or when kids are at school.

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Therapy + Technology

While technology is pervasive in our lives, it rarely meets a mom’s emotional needs, but online therapy leverages technology to do just that. “I recently worked with a client who was experiencing anxiety and depression as a result of her children going off to kindergarten,” says Auleta. “Through our work together, we discovered her symptoms were reflecting the struggle she was having about her identity. Our work together was about figuring out who she wanted to be as she transitioned into a new phase of her life and as she began to move closer to figuring out who she wanted to be, her symptoms began to subside.” While some may shy away from online therapy, many moms discover, after just one session, that technology really can be therapeutic.

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While no therapist can take the place of a true best friend, she can help you through tough times and provide a sounding board when you need it. invites you to browse through a catalog of trained therapists and select the one you feel will best meet your needs or understand your concerns.

“As a mother myself, I get what it feels like to be overwhelmed and stressed out when it comes to the demands of parenting,” says Auleta. “Whether it’s online or in person, feeling comfortable and connected with your therapist is key to getting the support you need.” 

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Not for everyone

Every mom needs an outlet. For some it’s tennis, yoga or shopping. For others it’s writing, singing or dancing. Whatever your preference, talking to a professional therapist can often take a weight off a mother’s shoulders. Online therapy can definitely provide a legitimate outlet for a mom under stress, but it’s not for everyone. “If you’re struggling with moderate to severe mental illness, you should be seeing a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist in person,” says Auleta. “Online therapy is intended for people who are looking for support with issues that don’t require crisis work or safety planning.”

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