Embarrassing things my mom does

Brace yourselves, moms. This could get painful. We’ve talked to real kids and asked them, without any editing, what their moms do to embarrass them. Whether you use this as ammo to embarrass your kids even more (it is our right as moms, after all!) or you consider this valuable insight into the lives of your kiddos, you’d better sit down because these quotes are going to crack you up.

Music to their ears

Kellan with his mom

It didn’t take long for Anders, age 14, Tate, age 11, and Gus, age 9, to all agree on what their mom does to embarrass them most: “When she sings in the car!” Mom Cathie, does admit that she belts it out in the car on a regular basis, and whether they have friends in the car or not. In fact, she finds it annoying that her boys hold her to a double standard of embarrassment, “I let them listen to cool music. They should be impressed that I know a lot of the lyrics!”

Kellan, age 3, also has some choice words about the music choices of his mom, Katie. As they were driving home recently, Kellan said to her, “Mom, this is old music. Can you change it?” Although, it seems that Kellan’s music choices are just as embarrassing for his parents. Katie says, “Kellan seems to have Taylor Swift‘s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ on repeat in his head, so his taste in music is obviously horrible.”

A little love from Mom

This wouldn’t be a list of things that moms do to embarrass their kids without one of these. Erin confesses that she is guilty, all too often, of the thing that embarrasses her 12-year-old son, Sky, most — kissing him goodbye and shouting “I love you!” after him as he walks into school or practice. “He tolerates it,” Erin admits, “But, I can tell from the look on his face and the wave [as] he rushes inside that it drives him crazy.”

She’s a hot mess

Harper - Embarrassing mom stories

While the point might be lost in asking 3-year-old Harper, straight out, what her mom does that’s embarrassing, the concept is certainly not lost on this little one.

Mom Chelsea reports that Harper recently stopped her from walking out the door, telling her, “Hey! Hey, Mom. Your hair is crazy.”

Nothing like your child calling you out on going out in public looking like, as Chelsea says, “a hot mess,” to cue the embarrassing mom alarm!

Ben, age 9, was smart enough to leave his mom, Carilyn, thinking when she asked him what she does to embarrass him. Ben’s response was priceless, as he casually looked up from his homework, “Nothing really… anymore.”

Is Mommy tone deaf?


Angela, Mom to 5-year-old daughter, Abbey, thought she was off the hook, when she asked Abbey if she does anything to embarrass her. Until Abbey started to understand what being embarrassed meant… then, she didn’t hold back.

“Oh, you mean the things you do that are silly that I wish you wouldn’t do so much? Well, maybe sometimes in the car? Or at home during our dance parties? You don’t have to do the singing part, in case people hear you.” Abbey was kind enough to throw her poor mom a bone, however, “But, you can still do the dancing. You’re not so terrible at dancing.”

Fashion advice from a 5-year-old

Katie Kavulla's kids - Janie and Meg

Naturally, when it comes to being an 8-year-old, embarrassing mom moments often involve your friends. Janie admitted that her mom (sigh, that’s me), embarrasses her by calling her friends “sweetie” and “honey” when they are over for play dates.

And — just like Abbey — my 5-year-old, Meg, went to town listing the embarrassing things I do, once she understood exactly what I was going for. The one that burned the most? “You know those shoes you have, Mommy? The blue ones? I don’t like it when you wear those to take me to school.” Ouch!

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