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4 Cinco de Mayo crafts kids are gonna go crazy for

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Ojo de Dios

Cinco de Mayo crafts - Eye of God

These colorful “Eye of God” Cinco de Mayo crafts for kids not only carry on the cultural belief that the ancient God is all-seeing, but is also a fun fine motor skills activity that is pretty to hang around your home all year long.

What you’ll need:

  • two popsicle sticks
  • yarn in colors of your choice
  • glue (optional)

What you’ll do:

  1. Hold popsicle sticks to form a T shape between your thumb and index finger. You can glue them together to make it easier for little fingers to maneuver this Cinco de Mayo craft.
  2. With your other hand, wrap the yarn around the sticks diagonally three times in each direction to form an X.
  3. Once your X is formed (no need to glue — the pressure will keep the string attached) wrap the yarn around one time on one stick of the cross.
  4. Rotate your cross one quarter of the way and carry your yarn over to the next stick over, wrap once around the stick, and repeat one quarter turn at a time until you’ve reached your desired number of rows.
  5. To change colors, tie ends of the yarn together and continue with your new color.
  6. Wrap one stick at a time until you reach your desired number of rows, then tie off on the final stick, leaving enough string to hang this colorful Cinco de Mayo craft for kids.

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