Mommy tweets: Fergie, Britney Spears, Kate Gosselin

What were on the minds and Twitter feeds of some of our favorite celebrity moms? Fergie tweets about her “rock n roll maternity look,” while Britney Spears tweets about her Shape magazine cover (and then grabs KFC for lunch!) Kate Gosselin tweets potty-training advice, while Mariah Carey rounds out our list of top celebrity mom tweets of the week.

Pregnant Fergie and her sisterFergie

Pregnant Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie took time to tweet her thoughts to rapper Lil Wayne (@LilTunechi), who was hospitalized after seizures from what was reportedly an overdose of sizzurp, which is a drink that contains codeine mixed with soda.

“My prayers go out to Lil Wayne & his family tonight. #PrayForWeezy @LilTunechi,” she tweeted.

Fergie, four months pregnant with her first child with her husband Josh Duhamel, also wrote about her maternity fashion.

“Done w/ my morning workout… excited 2 see my #fashiondiary in today’s @nytimes,” she tweeted, with a link to an article about her fashion choices while in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest music festival.

“Being four months pregnant, I need to be comfortable, but I don’t want to be frumpy. I wore this black drapey Gucci dress, Kye lace-up leggings and Givenchy lace-up sandals,” wrote Fergie, who is pictured above with her sister Dana. ”This being Texas, I also added a skull bolo tie — I love a theme — and a Loree Rodkin gold crosses ring. It was my rock ’n’ roll maternity look.“

She also wrote about wearing a yellow and white floral Stella McCartney tunic. “I’m finding out that tunics are great for my growing belly. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and thought, ’What a cute Easter look this would be.’”

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin defended her actions after asking a man named Carlos Gosselin to change his Twitter ID, writing, “@RealCGosselin it is illegal to impersonate people on twitter etc. please change your ID and email immediately.“

He tweeted back that there are other people ”with the same last name” and said she ”got her panties in a wad.”

“The [person] impersonating my child (CGosselin) tweeted ‘love you mom’ 2me,” Gosselin wrote. “Whether he really has last name or not, it’s impersonation w that tweet! And if it was meant as a joke to me, then I missed the joke–busy being a mom and am CONSTANTLY dealing w ppl impersonating my children!”

Gosselin has 8 children, including Cara, Alexis, Madelyn, Aaden, Hannah, Leah, Joel and Collin.

She also put her extensive potty-training knowledge to good use by tweeting out helpful tips. “Potty training extras: I covered mattresses w crib protectors and DID use pull ups at night & rarely in day.”

“Oh-remembered 1 other thing! Going from pull ups to ‘big kid’ character underwear=a HUGE reward to get to ‘real’ underwear!” she wrote.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears and her son at a soccer match

Britney Spears was trending this week when she tweeted this:

”@Shape_Magazine Thanks for the great photo shoot today! It was fun to get all dolled up for the cover!”

And later that day she was spotted leaving a Kentucky Fried Chicken with a bag full of treats. (She probably got the baked chicken and skipped the biscuits… or maybe not.)

Also on her timeline? The pop star, who has two sons (Sean, 8 and Jayden, 7) tweeted about a new addition to her family.

“Say good morning to my new baby people,” she tweeted, with a link to a photo of her new adorable white puppy.

This is the second new dog for the Spears’ family this year, as she tweeted about her other “baby,” a dog named Hannah earlier this year. She even has her own Twitter account with the handle @HannahSpears. The bio very accurately reads, “I’m Britney’s Bitc*.”

“Mommy, are dogs allowed to gamble in vegas? Gonna cash all my bones in for chips,” tweeted Hannah Spears.

“I don’t think so honey,” Spears wrote back.

She also tweeted congrats to her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who recently got engaged to businessman Jamie Watson. Spears has a daughter, 4-year-old Maddie, with her ex-fiance Casey Aldridge.

“So excited and happy for my sister, congrats @jamielynnspears – love you,” she tweeted.

Mariah Carey

“Roc & Roe celebrate the day! #DemBabies,” tweeted Mariah Carey, with a link to her 1-1/2-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe dressed out for St. Patrick’s Day in green hats.

I think we know Moroccan’s favorite movie! “Having a marathon of Shrek 1,2,3 & forever after with RocStar, he just can’t let it go!” she wrote.

The American Idol judge is juggling being a mom and ’career woman’ — and that includes taking care of the kids, Mariah style — you know, wearing a designer gown.

“After the show last night: ) rushed home to put #dembabies to sleep!” she tweeted, with a link to a photo of her in a gorgeous black and gold gown while playing with the kids on the floor.

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