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How to liven up your homeschool

Whether you’re just starting out on your homeschool journey or you’re a homeschool veteran, being spontaneous, getting out of your comfort zone and livening up your homeschool day can be a good thing every once in a while. It’s easy to get into a rut doing the same things day after day.

Tiany Davis' son - Homeschooling outdoors

As homeschoolers, we can break the monotony of daily schooling and do something new each day — or at least one day a week to keep things fun. Fridays are our fun day and the boys know that if they work hard Monday through Thursday, Friday will be full of adventure. Here are 20 ways to make learning fun!


Break out the LEGOs to build math concepts for a number of grade levels with free printables.


Take a walk or a bike ride after lunch. Instead of getting back to the books, go out for some exercise and discuss your surroundings, ask questions or enjoy casual conversation.


Get in the kitchen with your kids! Do a math lesson or create a meal together that coordinates with your current study.


Play some music. Introduce your children to classical music as they do their lessons, learn to sing a new song together, dance together to get the wiggles out.

Homeschool outdoors


Move lessons outdoors. Take lessons to a nature park or just take them to the backyard for the day.


Have a pajama day and snuggle up to read science, history, social studies aloud as a family. Allow time for plenty of discussion and questions.


Throw an art party! Bust out the play dough, molding clay, paints, crayons, pencils, chalk, paper, craft supplies, glue and glitter. This party can be taken outdoors for mom’s sanity.


Dressing up as Peter Pan

Allow the children to dress up as their favorite character for the day. My oldest always picks Peter Pan.


Work on presentation and speaking skills while having fun. Recite a poem, write and perform a play or have a talent show.


Make cards and bake cookies to take to a local nursing home.


Pop your own popcorn and watch an old movie, nature show, documentary or other educational program.


Let the children host a lunch and invite a friend or family member. Children can make invitations, plan a meal, do the cooking and make sure their guests are taken care of and entertained properly.


Have fun with science. You can find a number of fun science experiments to try and videos to watch on Steve Spangler’s fun science site.


Have a picnic indoors.


Have a game day — this can be both indoor and outdoor games.

Building a raised gardening bed


Have a farm day and learn all about the happenings on a farm. Dress up, start your own garden with a small area in your yard or a window box if space is limited. Enjoy these free printables and read about life on the farm.


Celebrate the day! Enjoy the fun and wacky celebration of the day from this daily celebration calendar.


Choose a favorite book and make it the theme of the day… lessons, food, music, play.


Let your child start a blog.


Go camping! Whether indoors or out in the backyard. Have your children plan and organize a camp where they will do lessons, eat and play together.

Get creative — ask your children for ideas to change up your homeschool week. We all need an occasional break from the everyday rut of lessons and book work. Enjoy each day with the little (and not so little) people you choose to stay home with and seek out opportunities to make memories with them.

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