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Baby names from Arthurian legend

Few legendary heroes capture the imagination like King Arthur and his knights of the round table. We’ve put together a list of enchanting names from Arthurian legend — from familiar names like Arthur and Guinevere, to unique names you’ve never heard before.

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King Arthur may not have been a real person, but he’s become a permanent fixture in our imaginations. Scholars believe that real men inspired King Arthur and that bards and storytellers carried those men’s deeds into the realm of legend through epic tales and poetry.

Names from Arthurian legend are a blend of old English names and derivatives and have a unique, quirky charm. Check out this list of Arthurian baby names for boys and girls.

Baby boy names from Arthurian legend

Many of these names are so unusual you won’t find them in any lists of top names. Don’t discount them for being unique. These names have a lyrical sound and historical charm. Become a trendsetter with one of these baby boy names from Arthurian legend.

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Baby girl names from Arthurian legend

Fewer women than men are featured in the works inspired by Arthurian legend, and many names such as Elaine show up over and over. As a result, there are fewer baby girl names than baby boy names from Arthurian legend. As you search for a baby girl name, consider traditionally masculine names that may sound beautiful for a baby girl, such as Mabon, Kay and Claudin.

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Nicknames and derivatives from Arthurian legend baby names

Stumped by the complexity of the baby names listed above? We’ve found some contemporary nicknames and derivatives with a more modern feel to them. These names are a mix of common names and names that are still unique but aren’t quite as out there as the pure Arthurian names.

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