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Cool baby names from the 1930s

Many baby names used in the 1930s are becoming popular once again. You have plenty to choose from this era, whether you’re seeking a lovely, classic baby name for a girl or a strong, masculine name for a boy.

1930s baby

There was so much going on in the United States — and the rest of the world — in the 1930s. This decade is best known for the Great Depression. However, the 30s was also when swing music got going and the Delta Blues expanded, and family favorite films like Snow White and The Wizard of Oz saw the big screen for the first time. The stepping stones for World War II were being placed in Europe, and Amelia Earhart became an American icon.

Classic baby names

The names moms and dads chose for their babies during this time of change and turmoil are enjoying a boost in popularity with modern parents. Some names retain their old-timey feel while others sound familiar to us because they have remained popular in some form or fashion in the intervening decades. Classic names, for the most part, sound really precious to today’s parents, which explains their increased use.

Here are some of the coolest names that parents used in the 1930s. All of these names were in the top 200 for the entire decade (from 1930 to 1939). Maybe one will make its way to your baby name list.

1930s baby names for boys

1930s baby names for girls

Are you up for an old-fashioned, classic name for your baby? If these don’t work for you, search your family tree to see if any of your family members have really great or unusual first or middle names. You may be able to modernize one or use it as a middle name that connects your baby to your ancestors — and how cool is that?

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