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Wedding activities to keep kids entertained

Weddings can be a snooze fest for youngsters, but keeping kids entertained during the big event can be a piece of cake with the right kids’ activities.

Bored flower girl at wedding reception

From an “I Spy” scavenger hunt to photo booths filled with props, discover nine wedding activities for children that will please kiddos and brides alike.

Wedding receptions can be a bore for kids, so plan ahead and keep them occupied with these fun wedding activities.

Wedding scavenger hunt

"I Spy" printable

The easiest way to keep kids entertained at weddings is to give them something to do! Create a scavenger hunt featuring wedding-themed items like a white dress, a delicious dessert, something blue (you get the idea!) for a wedding activity for kids that will last the entire celebration. Download and print the wedding scavenger hunt card from our Kids’ Activity Center. Couple the card with few disposable cameras and you may be surprised to see the activities you missed while they were off snapping pics of the items on their list.

Kids’ packs

Girls blowing bubbles at a wedding

“Having a few age-appropriate, individually wrapped games and activities placed in a small bag or box at each child’s place setting during the reception can keep most little hands and minds busy,” offers wedding planner Aviva Samuels, Goodie bags can include things like snacks, finger puppets, mini puzzles, retro toys, bubbles, glow sticks or crayons and coloring books. Whether the wedding is indoors or out, allow kids to get up from the table and play in a designated area that won’t distract other guests.

Arts and crafts area

Bride and groom printable

While good food and conversation is enough to please the adult crowd, pleasing your youngest guests, too, can be as simple as setting up an activity center. Download printable coloring pages and offer tubs of crayons, set out craft supplies like pipe cleaners and foam stickers, or offer plastic top hats and tulle veil headbands for kids to decorate to keep kids entertained and happy throughout the wedding reception.

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Kids’ game area

Kids playing croquet

Whether you’re hosting an indoor affair or an outdoor soiree, you can keep kids entertained at weddings by setting up a kids-only area. Outdoor games such as croquet or indoor fun like board games and video games are activities that are sure to please kids while parents enjoy the big day.

Book and movie corner

Toddler watching a movie

You can keep kids calm throughout the night or give them a place to chill when the festivities are winding down by setting up a quiet area equipped with books and movies. Comfy pillows and beanbags are a great addition to these tranquil wedding activities for children, especially for wrangling kiddos who are prone to wander. Add 3D glasses and a popcorn machine, and kids of all ages will enjoy themselves.

Cupcake decorating table

Kids decorating cupcakes

Kids won’t have to anxiously await the cutting of the cake when they have their very own cupcake station! Setting up pre-filled icing bags, little aprons and unfrosted cupcakes is a wedding activity for children that is guaranteed to be a hit.

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Professional entertainment

Wedding clown

Although you may not normally associate kids’ entertainment like a magician or a balloon animal creator with a wedding reception, parents will thank you 10 times over when you hire professionals to keep kids busy while you and your guests dance the night away. You can always designate a separate space for pint-sized entertainment if you’re wary of mixing it with your elegant affair.

Coloring placemats

Coloring wedding placemats

Just as your youngsters would do when you head out to a restaurant, marking kids’ table seating with coloring placemats and crayons is an easy way to keep kids entertained at weddings, especially when waiting for the food to come. Snag the template for these printable kids’ wedding activity placemats (Wedding Fun by Lile, $4). These sheets can be customized with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date. They include a word search, connect-the-dots, tic-tac-toe, heart-shaped maze and more. For those with separate kids’ tables, you can top the tablecloth with craft paper so youngsters can draw right on the tabletop and even craft crayon centerpieces for easy access and a cute touch for the younger crowd.

Photo booth

Girl dressing up in wedding photo booth

A huge hit with guests of all ages, photo booths are an easy way to capture memories for both you and your guests while keeping kids happy at the same time. Be sure to stock your photo booth with tons of dress-up items and photo props; you can even have a separate kids-only photo booth to avoid rushing kids out of this wedding activity. Include funny hats, feather boas and the ever-popular mustache on a stick. Etsy is a great place to search for wedding booth prop sets as well as printables to make your own.

While these wedding activities for children can keep kids entertained at the wedding reception, you may want to hire a little help to watch over your youngest guests as well. “Employ a responsible teen or teens to focus on the kids, both tableside or in another room set aside with activities,” suggests Samuels. It will help you and your guests relax and enjoy the wedding reception knowing the kiddos are staying out of trouble.

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