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Popular baby names from the 1980s

How old were you in 1985? Were you born yet? Go back in time to take a look at the great baby names that were popular for baby boys and baby girls in the totally awesome ’80s.

80s baby

We’ve put together a list of names you’ll love. Like everything ’80s, they’re coming back into style.

In 1985, Live Aid concerts raised millions for famine relief. A huge earthquake rocked Mexico City. The wreck of the Titanic was discovered. Back to the Future delighted moviegoers and Duran Duran entranced legions of fans. Hair was big, neon was in and Saturday morning cartoons were awesome.

We took a look at the most popular baby names from the 1980s to bring you retro names that are surprisingly unique now. Some are coming back into style and others will give your child a unique name that isn’t particularly unusual or weird. Go retro with one of these great baby names from the 1980s. It’s interesting to see that the boy’s names have remained popular while many of the girl’s names are well known for adults but not as common for children. Check out this list of tubular and surprisingly pretty baby names from the 1980s as you search for the perfect baby name for your little one.

Popular baby girl names from the 1980s

Chances are, you know an adult with one of these popular ’80s baby names. But do you know any babies with these names? Maybe an Adriana or Vanessa is right for you.

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Popular baby boy names from the 1980s

Some of these popular baby boy names have remained common while others, like Donald and Chad, are not seen as often. Do any of these cute baby boy names pique your interest?

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Tips for picking 1980s baby names

Are you worried that these names from the 1980s might sound too dated? Modernize your favorite retro baby name with a sleek nickname or a quirky double name. When you’re looking at well-known, popular names, it’s fun to bedazzle them with middle names that are more unusual. For example, Jessica Lynn sounds dated, but how about Jessica Maddox? Another fun way to use a retro baby name is to use a boy’s name for a girl. Ryan, Tyler, Cody, Corey and Austin would make beautiful names for little girls.

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