Having it all: The savvy sisters of Sorella

Apr 11, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Entrepreneurial sisters, Jacquelynn Reasy Woodward, Jessie-Lee Reasy Hagan and Jamie-Lynn Reasy Khalili, who, along with their supportive parents, own the Seattle-area Sorella Salon and Spa, are building an empire that goes more than skin deep.

This is having it all... times three!
Sorella Sisters

How they balance motherhood (they have a combined seven kids under the age of 5!), trips to New York and Paris for Fashion Weeks and the day-to-day details of working together to create this family vision of having it all.

Meet the Reasy family

Founders and owners of Sorella Salon and Spa, located in the Seattle area, the Reasy family is putting the true meaning of "sorella" (which is Italian for "sisters") to the test — and quite successfully, we might add. What started as a brainstorm by the youngest Sorella sister Jacquelynn, quickly turned into a family business that will be celebrating its tenth anniversary this summer. Owned and operated by the Reasy family — which includes parents Chuck and Peggy Reasy and their daughters, Jamie-Lynn Reasy Khalili, Jessie-Lee Reasy Hagen and Jacquelynn Reasy Woodward — Sorella Salon and Spa is a business that puts family at the heart of what they do.

Jamie-Lynn Reasy Khalili

At home: Mom to two, Cy (age 4) and Soleil (age 3) and wife to husband, Marc Khalili.

At Sorella: Jamie is in charge of the operations side of Sorella Salons — managing their over 75 employees and all customer relations for Sorella, plus focusing on business growth and development for their ever-expanding business.

Jessie-Lee Reasy Hagen

At home: Mom to three, Logan (age 3), Kellen (age 2), Blakely (nine months old) and wife to husband, Jon Hagen.

At Sorella: Jessie, who left her full-time position doing wealth management for Merrill Lynch to join Sorella, is, according to her sisters, "their financial well-being," taking on the task of payroll, taxes, budgeting and financial goal-setting for the salons.

Jacquelynn Reasy Woodward

At home: Mom to two girls, Estelle (age 3) and Charlotte (five months old) and wife to Zachary Woodward.

At Sorella: Jacquelynn takes on the role of marketing director at Sorella, managing their social media accounts, as well as inventory for all three salons, their rapidly growing wedding services and helping to grow their business internally by working directly with their stylists.

Not to be overlooked in the day-to-day operations of Sorella is mom Peggy Reasy, who on top of overseeing the relocation and expansion of Sorella's newest space in Issaquah, she is, as her daughters call her, their biggest cheerleader. "Her morale is crucial to our success," they share.

A day in the life... times three

Sorella Kids

Three sisters, seven children total, all of them under the age of 5. Needless to say, life inside and outside of the salon is busy for these moms. But with the help of their sanity-saving Google calendar (they meet every Monday morning to sync calendars with each other!), husbands who are behind them 100 percent in their ventures and finding the time to put work aside and enjoying each other as family (not business partners), Jessie, Jamie and Jacquelynn manage life gracefully as both full-time business women and full-time moms.

As for the question of balance, is it possible? Does it even exist when you're trying to simultaneously raise children and build a young, growing and successful business? The Reasy sisters share that they've learned to create their own version of balance since becoming mothers. "We worked as single women for many years," they reflect. "We were able to pour everything into the business. However, when we each got married and had children, it just wasn't something we could do anymore. We also realized that it was healthier to make margin in our life to rest, to be with our families and to recharge our batteries."

More than skin deep

There's more to this dynamic team of moms than blowouts and photo shoots. These are moms and business owners, who put giving back and philanthropy at the top of their to-do list, especially when it comes to charities involving children. "We have been blessed with healthy children and feel that it's our job to give back for those blessings," the sisters share. Sorella has been host or sponsored countless charitable events since their opening in 2003 — anything from helping a young girl who is fighting cancer shave her best friend's head to donate her hair to Locks of Love, to events that benefit a cause that's near to their hearts, charity:water (funding resources to bring clean water into developing countries).

"Having it all" means having each other

Sorella sisters

While Jacquelynn, Jamie and Jessie admit that there are times when things get "heated" working together, they also know each other and have the best intentions of the business as the center to help lead them to solutions. And all three of them agree that the benefits of working with your sisters outweigh anything else: "We can truly turn our jobs off, if we need to (for example, during maternity leave or if we have a sick kiddo), knowing that we fully trust in each other to pick up the slack, if necessary."

We love the answer that the sisters of Sorella gave us in response to our question about whether moms can truly have it all... "Absolutely!" They continue by saying, "It's exhausting, we admit that, but at the end of the day, we feel fulfilled by what we've accomplished." And there's no doubt that even amongst their busy schedules and growing success, Jessie, Jacquelynn and Jamie have found what "having it all" means to them. "We have happy families, healthy relationships and balanced lifestyles. Sorella has blessed us with so much happiness, which we owe to our families, our team and our community."

Writing the book, breaking the boundaries and humbly laughing in the face of balance — the sisters behind Sorella Salon and Spa are far more than a cliché. They're the new — gorgeous, at that — faces of what it means for moms to have it all.

While they're here...

We couldn't let Jacquelynn, Jessie and Jamie leave without sharing their best beauty and hair tips for busy moms like themselves!


Find a great stylist! Having someone you trust to lead you through beauty decisions is a must.


A dry shampoo is a mom's dream. Find one that is right for your own hair color and texture.


Have a quick makeup routine in your back pocket. "We aren't exactly saying that applying makeup in the drive-thru of Starbucks is the best option, but a little mascara, lip gloss and blush can go a long way on those days."


Be your best you. Find a look that's clean, healthy and classic — and most of all that brings out the best in your own beauty.

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