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Make your own chia pet!

Everyone remembers those ceramic chia pet kits that were once so popular. How fun would it be to help kids make and grow their own chia pet that they can decorate themselves?!

Chia pet craft

Check out these easy instructions to make a chia pet of your own! This gardening craft is a great way to teach your kids about science too!

What you’ll need:

Chia pet supplies

  • potting soil
  • terra cotta pot
  • chia seeds or grass seeds
  • black knee-high nylons
  • rocks
  • scissors
  • craft foam
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • spray bottle

What you’ll do:


Put 1-2 tablespoons of seeds into a small dish. Cover the seeds with water and soak them overnight. This will help spread the seeds so they will grow more quickly.

Chia pet seeds


Stretch the nylon over the opening at the top of the terra cotta pot.

Chia pet - Nylon over pot


Sprinkle a thin layer of potting soil over the nylon.

Chia pet craft - Add soil


Spread the seeds in a thin layer over the top of the soil.

Chia pet craft - Sprinkle seeds


Add more potting soil on top of the seeds. Add enough soil so that it forms a ball that is slightly larger than the opening of the pot.

Chia pet craft - Add more soil


Lift the nylon from the pot.

Chia pet craft - Lift the nylon


Tie a knot in the nylon to keep the soil inside.

Chia pet craft - Tie the knot


Press the soil into a round shape with your hands.

Chia pet craft - Round it into a ball


Pile a few rocks inside the pot to help support the soil. Place the ball of soil on top of the rocks.

Chia pet craft - Add rocks


Glue two googly eyes to the nylon and cut a mouth and any other embellishments out of the craft foam and glue them to the chia pet. Set the chia pet in a sunny window.

Chia pet craft - Add face


Keep the soil moist with a spray bottle, and watch your chia pet grow!

Chia pet craft - Spray with water

Image credit: Amy Vowles

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