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4 Glitter crafts for kids

Glitter and kids go hand in hand, but you can add a little sparkle to parenthood also, with the right DIY glitter ideas! From reusable drink cup glitter crafts to sparkly DIY glitter keys, shake things up with these four glitter crafts for parents and kids to create together.


Glitter drink cup crafts

Glitter travel cup

You and your youngsters can tote your drink in style when you customize your own sparkling travel cup. This project is easy to switch out too, so you can update it every day of the week if you want!

What you’ll need:

  • travel mug with removable insert
  • cardstock or scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • glitter
  • white glue

What you’ll do:

  1. Remove the insert from the travel cup and use the original insert as a template to measure your cardstock or scrapbook paper to fit within your portable cup. Cut to size.
  2. Lay your paper flat on a table and let your little one squeeze glue in any design he wishes.
  3. While the glue is still wet, help your kiddo sprinkle the glitter colors he chooses atop the glue design; allow to dry completely before shaking off the excess.
  4. Slip your glittered paper back into your travel cup, return insert, twist and fill with your favorite beverage!
  5. Tips: Remember to remove your paper insert before washing or placing in microwave. Short on time — or patience for glitter? You can also use a glittery piece of scrapbook paper to cut out the mess and fuss and still have the same shimmering results!

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DIY glitter keys

Glitter keyes

Those easy-to-identify decorated keys you can pick up at your local hardware store are cute, but glitter gives your keys even more style without a big price tag. Whether you’re looking to make your keys easy to identify or are giving your kids’ keys a sparkly makeover, using glitter glue to adorn your keys is fast, easy and oh-so-fabulous.

What you’ll need:

  • existing keys
  • glitter glue
  • paint or craft brush

What you’ll do:

  1. Place your key on a protected surface.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of glitter glue on to one side of your key; use a small craft brush to spread around if you get too much in one spot. Allow to dry completely.
  3. Once dry, turn your key over and apply a small amount of glitter glue to the second side. Allow to dry completely.
  4. Return your glitter key craft back to your keychain and roll in style!
  5. Alternate instructions: No glitter glue around? Simply spread a medium layer of glue on your key, sprinkle generously with glitter, allow to dry (don’t forget to shake off excess glitter after!) and repeat with the other side. Seal in the sparkle with a layer of clear nail polish and dry completely.

Clothespin glitter crafts

Glitter clothes pins

Great as chip clips, art displays for your latest photos or to simply hang your laundry, give boring clothespins a twinkling makeover with this DIY glitter craft that holds endless possibilities.

What you’ll need:

  • clothespins
  • craft glue
  • small paint brush
  • glitter

What you’ll do:

  1. Let your youngster spread a medium amount of glue to one side of a wooden clothespin.
  2. Help your kiddo sprinkle a generous amount of glitter on the glue while still wet. Allow to dry completely.
  3. You can repeat with the other side of your clothespin, but if you do, be sure that glue is completely dry on the first side before turning over. To minimize excess glitter, be sure to tap your craft a few times once the glue has dried to dislodge any loose sparkles and your craft is complete!

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DIY glitter balloon

Glitter balloons

Take your youngster’s next party to another level with glitter balloons that add a little extra pizzazz to your soiree! Just be sure not to let your little ones inhale the glitter; blowing up these festive adornments is best left to the grownups.

What you’ll need:

  • un-inflated balloons
  • chunky glitter or sparkly confetti
  • funnel or paper rolled into a funnel shape

What you’ll do:

  1. Place your funnel in the opening of your balloon before it is inflated. Or, roll a piece of paper to form a cone and place the smaller end into the opening of the balloon.
  2. Pour the desired amount of glitter into the funnel. You can experiment with amounts based on the size of balloon you have.
  3. Remove funnel and blow air into the balloon to inflate; be sure not to inhale or you will end up with a mouth full of glitter.
  4. Once your balloon reaches your desired size, tie or seal it shut. Have your youngster roll the balloon around and around until the glitter inside is spread all around. Now you’ve added instant sparkle to your party with this simple balloon glitter craft!
Image credit: Michelle Maffei

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