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Strong girl baby names

Are you seeking a baby name for your girl that isn’ overly feminine, but yet isn’t a boyish name? We’ve got you covered with these spectacular baby names from Anne to Zora.

Strong names for boys are easy to come by — there are plenty of no-nonsense, trend-resistant traditional boy baby names to give you plenty to peruse as you look for a name for your son. Girl names, however, are often really pretty and feminine, and may not strike you as being strong-sounding baby names.

While there is nothing wrong with a flowy, girly baby name, if you’d like a name that sounds strong for your girl, look no further than these!

Strong single-syllable girl names

Many single-syllable girl names are very strong. They don’t have the extra sounds that give many girl names a more feminine tilt. Most of these are girls-only names, but a few could be considered unisex, such as Quinn.

Strong two-syllable girl names

There are plenty of strong two-syllable baby girl names to choose from too. Many of these are traditional baby names — that is, they remain popular year in and year out. Others are classic names regaining popularity, while others are on the trendy side. Which one is your favorite?

Strong multiple-syllable girl names

Three-or-more syllable baby names for girls are often really fancy and elegant, but others definitely meet the criteria for strength when it comes to how a name sounds. It’s more of a challenge to find a strong-sounding girl name that is on the long side, but these will get you inspired.

Be it feminine or inherently strong (and the two traits are definitely not mutually exclusive), your baby’s name is one she will live with for the rest of her life. Some names, particularly trendy baby names, will sometimes sound like the decade in which they became popular, but others can withstand the test of time. These strong baby girl names will look wonderful on a college application or at the top of a resume.

What do you think makes a girl name strong?

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