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Pagan baby names

Looking for a pagan baby name? We’ve put together a list of names you’ll recognize and unique baby names that will take you by surprise. Drawn from a variety of cultures and beliefs, these pagan baby names will inspire you on your hunt.

Pagan baby names

The concept of a pagan baby name is very broad. Pagan baby names are drawn from a wide variety of cultures and beliefs. Some pagan baby names are drawn from Celtic or Norse mythology while others take inspiration from Native American naming traditions.

When it comes to picking a beautiful pagan baby name for your child, consider your own beliefs and interests. Do certain cultures resonate with you? Does your family practice a pagan belief system?

As you choose a baby name, let your instincts guide you. The pagan baby names we’ve selected are a mix of unique baby names and common baby names that can be traced back to pagan origins. Other pagan baby names are inspired by nature, legend and magic. Explore the meanings of your favorite pagan baby names and get a feel for what resonates with you and your family. In addition to loving the sound of a name, you might be drawn to its origin and meaning. Pagan baby names have beautiful tones of spirituality and mysticism. We’ve found lovely pagan baby names for your baby girl or baby boy.

Pagan baby girl names

These classic pagan baby girl names come from myth, legend and different cultures. From sweet Ada to popular Willow, these are great baby names and middle names.

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Pagan baby boy names

Our hand-picked baby boy names are soft and strong. From lovely Adonis to familiar Sirius, these baby boy names will inspire you on your baby name search.

Baby girl names inspired by nature and myth

Pagan baby names are often drawn from nature and legend. We’ve found 20 beautiful girl names from the natural world.

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Baby boy names inspired by nature and myth

Nature and life inspire these beautiful pagan baby boy names. Often strong and evocative, these baby boy names conjure images of the majesty of nature.

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