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Go green with a baby name inspired by nature

Celebrate the birth of your new member of our planet’s population with a name inspired by the Earth.

Baby outdoors

As life on Earth continues to take a toll on the environment, focus has turned toward sustainable, green living. When you search for the perfect baby name for your baby, consider names that go green. Look toward nature for inspiration or go green with a baby name inspired by an individual who fights for the environment. Beautiful baby names inspired by nature and our planet are a wonderful way to give your child a meaningful namesake.

Nature-inspired baby names are becoming more fashionable. Though some may still have a “flower child” stigma attached to them, they can easily be tempered with traditional middle names or used as a middle name alongside a more popular first name.

We took a look at natural and floral baby names and hand-picked lovely names to help you go green. If you’re interested in more traditional names but you’d still like to focus on natural living, browse the names of famous environmentalists who have been making an impact on our planet.

Baby girl names inspired by nature

These lovely baby girl names come from trees, flowers and birds. Eco-friendly without going over the top, baby girl names inspired by nature give your baby’s name classic appeal. Try mixing and matching these baby names for a green combination or use one of these pretty names as a middle name for your baby girl.

Baby boy names inspired by nature

Trees, stones and ecology lend names to this list of strong baby boy names inspired by nature. Names like Clay and Heath have classic appeal while still calling to mind nature and the environment around us. Try these lovely nature-inspired baby boy names on for size and see what inspires you on your search for the best baby name.

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Name your baby after a famous environmentalist

Give your baby an eco-friendly namesake. These men and women have helped pioneer environmentalism.

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More ways to go green when you name your baby

  • Use recycled paper for your birth announcements.
  • Check out baby name books at the library instead of buying them.
  • Use websites to investigate baby names.

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