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How a chiropractor can help your pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring a host of aches and pains along with it, but some moms swear by chiropractic care during their pregnancies. Chiros can help relieve pain, improve sleep and ease your delivery. What are you waiting for?

Pregnant woman at chiropractor

Chiropractic care, practiced for over a century, is becoming more popular, particularly for pregnant women. What’s the allure? We spoke with moms who take advantage of chiro care during pregnancy (or have in the past) to get the lowdown on why it works so well for pregnant moms.

Pain management

It’s no secret that pregnancy can be painful, and the more times you’ve been pregnant, the more painful it can be. Areas that many moms note as being the worst are the back and hips. “It always feels better after I go,” said Erin, mom of many. “I do have to say this is the most regular I’ve seen a chiro while pregnant and I really don’t feel like I’m already six months along.”

Dana, mom of one, completely agreed. “My back pain was so bad I would cry,” she remembered. “Chiropractic care alleviated 90 percent of it, and with weekly treatments, I was able to move around much easier.”

More energy and better sleep

Regular chiro visits can improve your energy levels and help you get more rest at night — two common pregnancy ailments that many moms just can’t solve on their own. “I have more energy than normal and can still do so many things that I would have given up by this point with the others,” shared Erin.

Another mother named Erin who is expecting her second child echoes these benefits. “This time I have been adjusted weekly due to other pain and it has helped me get more restful sleep,” she reported.

Benefits in labor

The benefits don’t stop before labor begins, either. Kayte, mom of four, saw a chiro on a regular basis during her fourth pregnancy.

“Not only did regular chiro care make pregnancy more comfortable compared to my other three, it also shortened labor,” she said. “Short contractions and the nurse at the hospital kept telling me to stay home because I didn’t have one-minute-long contractions. I got off the phone and went to the hospital anyway — good thing, too. My son arrived 45 minutes later.”

Emily, mom of one, concurred. “Toby was all lined up and ready to go,” she told us.

Many chiropractors specialize in care for pregnant women and children, but even if you can’t find a local one who does, any chiro can help alleviate the aches and pains of pregnancy and improve your energy levels and sleep habits. And don’t forget the huge bonus of regular chiro care — it may even help your labor and delivery.

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