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Turn that boring sheet into a movie screen

There’s no need to spend big bucks on a special outdoor movie screen. Turn that boring old sheet into the perfect screen and watch your favorite flicks out under the stars.

Tree screen showtime

Photo credit: ModFruGal

No one wants to waste great weather sitting inside a stuffy movie theater, and drive-in theaters are usually crowded and uncomfortable.

Wouldn’t you love to move the flick to the comfort of your own backyard? You can, and it’s easier than you think. All you need is a projector and a screen, and you can make the screen out of any plain old white sheet you’ve got lying around.

How you go about constructing the sheet depends a lot on the layout of your property and where you’re going to display it. SheKnows found three different bloggers who brought this idea to life and made it work for them.

Hanging it from trees

If you’re blessed with a woodsy property, you’re not going to have to do much work to turn your sheet into a movie screen. All you have to do is add grommets and use bungee cords to affix it to nearby trees. This is a great setup, because it’s easy to take the screen down for storage and cleaning, and it can go right back up in minutes. ModFruGal has the whole project laid out for you, along with everything you’ll need to get it done.

Tree screen setup

Photo credit: ModFruGal

Tree screen showtime

Photo credit: ModFruGal

Hang it from the porch

You can still hang your own screen, even without a yard full of trees to hang it from. The ladies over at Prairie Hive simply hung theirs from the porch with twine. How easy is that? They went all out and decorated their sheet to coordinate with their party. No more boring old sheet for those gals!

Porch movie screen

Photo credit: Prairie Hive

Construct your own support

No trees? No porch? No problem!

You can still create your own screen, even without something to hang it from. It doesn’t take a degree in architecture to build your own support frame. In fact, you can probably put it together in an afternoon.

Movie screen supports

Photo credits: Paige at Design*Sponge

All you need is three 6-foot two-by-fours, two sturdy buckets and some gravel or concrete. Paige at Design*Sponge simply nailed together a simple frame, stapled the sheet to the frame and stood the whole thing up in weighted buckets. Of course, she hid the buckets with beautiful decor to match the theme of her party.

Movie screen supports showtime

Photo credit: Paige at Design*Sponge

Get your party started!

Each of these is a fabulous and simple way to create the feel of a movie theater in your own backyard. Follow the lead of these clever bloggers and put together one of these easy screens, and then grab some snacks, pillows and blankets and get cozy under the stars.

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