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Green baby names for your St. Patrick’s Day baby

From Jade to Emerald, green baby names are a unique and fun choice for your St. Patrick’s Day baby. Whether you are looking for a name that is a shade of green or perhaps an eco-friendly name — or even names with “green” meanings, you are sure to get lucky with your baby name decision.

St. Patrick's Day baby

Whether you go gaga for the color green or are expecting a baby in the month of March, we have rounded up the best baby boy names and baby girl names for your St. Patrick’s Day bundle of joy.

Fifty shades of green

Fifty shades of green! We consulted for the color wheel for these unique and fun green baby names.

For girls, the following names are a pretty choice:

For boys, you will love the unique sound of the following:

You can also consider names that mean “green,” including the following:

  • Denver: English boy name meaning “green valley“
  • Yarkona: Hebrew boy or girl name meaning “green“
  • Oran: Celtic boy name meaning “pale green“
  • Verdell: French name meaning “green; flourishing”
  • Ezmeralda: Spanish girl name meaning “the prized green emerald gemstone”
  • Jaida: English girl name meaning “the gemstone jade; the color green”

Eco-friendly green names

If your idea of green is not about the color, but being earth-friendly, perhaps the following eco-friendly baby names are right up your organically-grown alley.

For girls, there are many nature-inspired names, such as Willow or Starr. You can also choose a freshly-picked flower name, such as Tulip, Daisy or Delilah.

For boys, you can consider the cool names Kale, Acai or, if you are really feeling adventurous, Prius. Many animal names have an edgy and cool sound to them, including Hawk (or Hawkins), Falcon, Talon or Kat.

Many green names are unisex, including:

St Patrick’s Day inspired names

If your idea of a green baby name brings to mind four leaf clovers and shamrocks, perhaps these St. Patrick’s Day baby names are the perfect choice.

St. Patrick’s Day started in Ireland — which also happens to be a gorgeous baby girl name! In fact, Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin named their daughter Ireland.

Clover is an adorable name that will totally make your friends jealous that they didn’t think of it! This cute girl name first caught our eye when actor Neal McDonough named his daughter Clover Elizabeth.

We aren’t suggesting you name your son leaf, but the name Leif is a unique choice. This Swedish name has a great meaning as it means, “dearly loved.”

The name Patrick is an obvious choice. This Irish name means “patrician or noble” — or for girls you can pick Patricia, which is a Spanish name that also means “noble.”

Lastly, Irish names are unique and melodic and a great choice for your St. Patrick’s Day baby.

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