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Colorful baby names for boys and girls

The rainbow shining after a storm can inspire you like crazy — especially if you’re looking for that perfect baby name for your boy or girl. Check out these baby names that are full of color.

Baby with colorful shapes

What is your favorite color? Chances are, it would make a beautiful baby name — first or middle. Look to the rainbow for inspiration as you dream about your baby.

What draws you to your favorite color — does it make you feel a certain way, such as energized or peaceful? What colors will you use in your baby’s nursery? What color clothing fills her closet? These baby names will certainly get you started on a colorful baby-naming journey.


Red is the color of ladybugs, watermelon and fire trucks. It is an exciting color — it can represent rage; it can represent energy; or it can represent passion. It is an intense color. Would it be a good match for your baby?

Orange and yellow

Orange is the color of the setting sun, a favorite citrus fruit and marigolds. It is joyful and warm, and is an enthusiastic color that can invigorate you. And yellow is a bright and cheerful color — the color of our risen sun, lemons and many lovely flowers. Do any of these qualities sound right for your little one?


Green is an earthy color — the color of plants and trees, fabulous insects and parrots. It suggests healing, comfort and safety. Do you have an earthy baby?


Blue is the color of a clear summer sky and of its reflection on the sea. Blue reminds us of tranquility and calmness. Blue isn’t just for boys, either. Do any of these names sound perfect for your baby?


Purple is the color of violets and grapes and is a favorite color of children and adults alike. It is a traditional color of royalty and can symbolize power, luxury and nobility. Do you think a purple name would suit your baby?

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