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5 Ideas for Big Help projects

Taylor Swift may have scored The Big Help Award at last year’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, but with a little inspiration, your kiddos can also give back to the community.

Kids at food drive

From organizing kids’ community service projects like food drives to picking up litter in your neighborhood, discover five ideas for Big Help projects that kids can do, even on their own.

Organize a food drive

One way to join in with Nickelodeon and The Big Help movement is to help your child contact a local shelter or food pantry and coordinate a food drive to fight back against hunger. Find out what the shelter or organization’s needs are and set up drop-off dates and locations. Then, your youngster can get the word out by handing out fliers at school (with the school’s permission), telling friends, asking local stores to post leaflets and utilizing social media with your supervision.

Volunteer at a fire house or police department

For teens, your local fire department and police department likely offer explorer programs, where kids can get hands-on experience serving your community. Contact your city’s respective departments for volunteer opportunities for your child.

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Plant trees

Encourage your kiddos to engage in a Big Help project they can watch grow by planting trees! While each community views rogue tree planting differently, kids can typically raise money to donate a tree, help pick the tree’s location and attend a tree dedication ceremony when it is planted. Or, contact a local arbor organization like to apply for a community service project or to volunteer to plant trees in parks, gardens and private properties in your community.

Aid the animal shelter

Although many animal shelters require volunteers to be 18 years of age or older, with adult supervision, your youngster can still ask friends and neighbors for items on your local animal shelter’s wish list. Animal shelters often are in short supply of items like kitty litter, canned and dry cat and dog food, pet treats, newspapers and towels and blankets, so check your local shelter’s website for their needs.

Run a fundraiser

Does your youngster feel that something’s missing in your community? Your kids can start a fundraiser worthy of a Nickelodeon Award’s mention. From a new bike rack at the library to a new slide at the park, raising money for an item that adds convenience or safety to the public is a tangible way for kids to give back to the community.

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Pick up trash

Armed with gloves, plastic garbage bags and an adult, your kids can help clean up the community by ridding it of discarded litter. Pick a park, community center or local lodge parking lot and remind them to leave the sharp items for an adult to handle.

Nickelodeon would love to hear how kids are giving back to the community, so go to to register these five ideas for Big Help projects or whichever your kids’ community service may be. Just be sure to bring your camera and capture your child’s efforts like the red carpet paparazzi; you may see your kiddo’s good deeds in the spotlight on The Big Help website or during the next Nickelodeon Awards ceremony!

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