From Thorin to Liv: Scandinavian baby names

Mar 22, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. ET

From Vikings to Norsemen, Scandinavia is a region that is full of wonderful heritage — and baby names as well! We have rounded up unique baby girl names and baby boy names from the three regions that include Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Scandanavian baby

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe that consists of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We have gathered the most popular baby names from each region, and have also included some cool Scandinavian names (Vikings, anyone?) that you are sure to love.

Popular names in Scandinavia

What are the top baby names in Scandinavia as a whole? According to Wikipedia, the following baby boy names are the most popular names in Denmark, Norway and Sweden:

As far as baby girl names, these are the monikers that were tops in Scandinavia — and some of these may look familiar as they are also popular here in the U.S.:

Baby names from Denmark

In Denmark, the boy names listed above top the charts, with the names Victor, Noah and Frederik included in the list as well. As far as girls, the following names are a popular choice, with the alternate spellings included:

Baby names in Norway

We love the unique names that are specific to Norway.

Norwegian boy names

Norwegian girl names

Baby names in Sweden

Looking for the perfect name that is specific to Sweden? Perhaps one of these names will be the perfect match:

Swedish boy names

Swedish girl names

Cool Viking names

Looking for Scandinavia names that are a bit more unique? Perhaps you should consider Viking names. Leif Eriksson was one of the most famous Vikings, as was Eric the Red, who was the father of Leif.

More cool Viking names from history include:

Unique Scandinavian names

The following names have a cool, exotic sound to them that are unique to Scandinavia. Check out the names and their cool meanings:

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