Scandinavian Baby Names for Your Hygge Baby

Mar 22, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Scandinavia, which includes the Nordic countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, has a treasure trove of truly gorgeous baby names. Let's take a look through some of these monikers and see if any make their way to your baby name list.

Scandinavian baby names for girls

Agnes:  Agnes is a very popular name with roots in several different Scandinavian languages, including Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

Aina: This Finnish name means "always."

Aino: This is a Finnish name that stems from Finnish mythology.

Amalie: This Norwegian and Danish name is a version of the Germanic name Amala.

Annika: Here's a Swedish form of the name Anna.

Astrid: A Scandinavian name that's become more popular as of late, but is still pretty low on the top 1000 baby name list as of 2017, so it's pretty unique.

Birgitta: While this Scandinavian name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, there are loads of nicknames you can use instead, such as Britt and Brita.

Christa: This is a shorter version of Christina with a Danish flair.

Dagmar: This is a strong girl name that's derived from an Old Norse name (Dagmær).

Dagný: This name has ancient Scandinavian roots and is used in Iceland today.

Elin: Elin is a Scandinavian (and Welsh) form of Helen.

Elina: This is a Finnish and Swedish form of Helen.

Elsa: It's no surprise that Disney used this name for Frozen — it's a Scandinavian version of the name Elizabeth.

Embla: This gem is from Norse mythology.

Freja: This is the Danish and Swedish version of Freya, who is also from Norse mythology.

Hanna: Hanna is a popular Scandinavian name around the world.

Henna: For a twist, here's the Finnish (and feminine) form of the name Henry.

Ida: This name came to England from the Normans, who of course were Norsemen who settled in northern France.

Ingrid: This name has Old Norse roots.

Inka: This is a feminine, Finnish form of the name Inge.

Kaja: This is a Scandinavian nickname of the popular name Katarina, which comes from the even more popular name Katherine.

Karina: This name has Swedish, Danish and Norwegian roots.

Laila: Laila is a super pretty Scandinavian name that has Sami roots (the Sami people are native to northern Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as parts of Russia).

Lise: This is a short form of Elizabeth that can be found in Scandinavian countries

Lotte: This is another shorty name — this time it comes from the name Charlotte.

Mæja: An Icelandic name, Mæja comes from the name Maria.

Maren: Maren is the Danish version of the name Marina.

Margrethe: If you're looking for a Danish or Norwegian version of Margaret, you're in luck (also, this is the name of the current Queen of Denmark).

Mia: This name comes as a Scandinavian short form of Maria.

Nea: This is a short version of the name Linnea and is found in Sweden and Finland.

Njála: Here's an Icelandic, feminine form of Njáll, which is related to the name Neil.

Noora: Noora is the Finnish form of Nora.

Rakel: This is the Scandinavian version of the name Rachel.

Runa: From the Old Norse word that means "secret lore," this name is the feminine version of the name Rune.

Sanne: This name is the Danish version of the name Susanna.

Sigrid: Here's another super strong girl name — it has roots in Old Norse.

Siv: Meaning "bride" in Old Norse, this name is also found in Norse mythology as Sif (wife of Thor).

Thora: This name might be related to — you guessed it — Thor.

Tova: This distinct name is Swedish.

Scandinavian baby names for boys

Áki: This name has Old Norse roots and is used in Iceland today.

Agnar: This comes from an Old Norse name with one more letter (Agnarr).

Ari: This is an Old Norse name that means "eagle."

Arvo: A Finnish name, this means "value, worth."

Casper: It's been long enough since Casper was immediately equated with "The Friendly Ghost." Besides, this is the Scandinavian form of Jasper and it's great.

Dag: This name comes from the Old Norse word that means "day."

Einar: An Icelandic name, this means "one warrior."

Espen: A super cool name that's both Norwegian and Danish.

Finn: Finn has slowly become more popular in the U.S. over the last couple of decades, but it remains a strong Scandinavian name. It refers to the Sami, the native people of this part of the world.

Gunnar: This is a classic Scandinavian name, which means "warrior."

Halvor: A Norwegian name, this is another version of the name Halvard, which means "rock guardian."

Hinrik: This is the Icelandic version of Henry.

Ismo: This is the Finnish form of Ishmael.

Ivar: Ivan is a cool name, but Ivar is even cooler — it's the Scandinavian version of the Irish and Scottish name Ivor.

Jørgen: This Scandinavian name is similar to the more familiar name George.

Klaus: This is a short form of the name Nicholas, and may enjoy a boost thanks to A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Lars: Here's the Scandinavian version of Laurence — short, sweet and super cool.

Magnus: Magnus is a distinctly Scandinavian name. It's a great name, and literally means "great."

Mainio: Meaning "excellent," this name has Finnish roots.

Mikko: This catchy name is the Finnish form of Michael. If that doesn't work, try Mikkel, which is the Danish form of the same name.

Olaf: Yes, this was the name of Elsa and Anna's "imaginary" snowman, but it's still an excellent name and can trace its roots back to an Old Norse name (Áleif).

Otso: If you love bears, this one's for you — it's a Finnish name that means "bear."

Ottó: This super cute name is the Icelandic form of Otto, which is a Scandinavian name on its own as well.

Reijo: Interestingly, this is the Finnish version of the name Gregory.

Rikard: This is the Scandinavian form of Richard, and almost sounds like a certain first officer on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Severin: This is the Scandinavian version of a Latin name (Severinus).

Simo: This is the Finnish version of the familiar name Simon.

Søren: Here's a great Scandinavian name. The Anglicized version, Soren, is starting to move its way up the baby name popularity chart in the U.S.

Tor: This is the modern Scandinavian version of Þór (also known as Thor).

Torsten: Here's another cool Scandinavian name based on Thor — Thorsten means "Thor's stone."

Vidar: This Scandinavian name has Old Norse roots.