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Host a unique Easter Egg hunt

Tired of the same old Easter egg hunt? These unique ideas will have your kids counting down to Easter year after year. From cookie parties to glow-in-the-dark egg hunts, try one of these memorable Easter activities this spring.

Start a new tradition this Easter by coming up with a different Easter egg hunt routine. Kids will love a fresh spin on the conventional egg hunt. These ideas require minimal prep time, but they’re big on fun. Which Easter egg hunt is right for you?

Hunt for bunnies

Easter fabric bunnies

Image courtesy of The Little Fabric Blog

Ask your kids this question: What if you catch the Easter Bunny and his buddies before the eggs are hidden? What kids might not know is that if you catch the Easter Bunny, you get to keep him. Or so goes this fun spin on an Easter egg hunt. Begin with colorful scraps of fabric. You can pick up inexpensive remnants and bulk stuffing at your local fabric store. Follow this simple tutorial to sew a basket full of bunnies to hide in the yard or throughout your house. Let kids search for bunnies and keep them at the end of the hunt. Your little hunters will love cuddling with their prizes at night.

Create an Easter egg scavenger hunt

Colorful paint cans for Easter egg hunt

Image courtesy of Sew Many Ways

Instead of hiding eggs throughout your home or yard, put together an elaborate hunt using clues and maps. Search for printable clues or draw your own maps that are catered to your kids’ reading levels. Challenge participants to solve riddles, unscramble words or find items using a map. Kids will love being challenged beyond looking around for eggs. If you’re throwing a big Easter party, encourage kids to dress up as little explorers or junior Easter Bunnies as they head off on the hunt for lost eggs. If you’re concerned about uneven egg haul or children who are too young to follow directions, use a simple color-coded scheme. Karen at Sew Many Ways shares a great way to upcycle paint cans. Assign each child a color and instruct the child to pick up only the eggs in that shade.

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Host a cookie party

Easter hunt cookies

Image courtesy of Dana Made It

As an alternative to a traditional Easter egg hunt, host a cookie-making party. Help kids create Easter cookies to take home in paper baskets. These Easter hunt cookies are perfect for an Easter cookie party. Small chocolate candies make up the eggs hidden in “grass” made of dyed oatmeal cookie. Consider substituting peanut-safe almond butter or sunflower seed butter if you expect children with peanut allergies. While the cookies are baking, help kids wash their hands from cooking time and work on a quick craft, such as embellishing simple paper baskets.

Search for glow-in-the-dark eggs

Easter glow eggs

Image courtesy of Play at Home Mom

Change things up this year by hosting an egg hunt in the dark. Hide glowing eggs outside or hide them inside, in a darkened room. Adorn the kids in glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces, arm them with flashlights for safety and send them on their way. To get the eggs to glow, fill plastic Easter eggs with mini party lights or coiled up glow-in-the-dark bracelets. Either can be found inexpensively at your local hobby or party store.

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