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From Storm to Winter: Baby names inspired by weather

Weather-inspired baby names are unique and fun. From cool cold weather names like Winter to hot warm weather names like Sunny, be inspired by our picks of weather baby names for boys and girls.

Baby boy in the winter

If you are searching for a baby name inspired by nature, perhaps these weather-related names are the perfect fit. There are a few names you might want to cross off your list because of hurricanes and other weather events, such as Sandy, Katrina and Irene, however there are plenty of unique and fun baby girl names and baby boy names to consider.

Cold weather baby names

Let’s start with great cold weather baby names for boys and girls — starting with the name January. This wintery month makes a great baby girl name, such as actress January Jones. December would make a more unique choice as a cold weather baby name. You can also consider cold weather holidays, such as the name Christmas.

More cold weather baby names include:

  • Neve (Italian for “snow”)
  • Neige (“snow” in French)
  • Frio (“cold” in Spanish)
  • Blanca
  • Jack (as in Jack Frost)

If some of these cold weather names seem a bit too unique, consider using them as a middle name, as did Nicole Richie when she named her daughter Harlow Winter Kate.

Warm weather baby names

Ready to warm up? Warm weather baby names would be a great choice if you are expecting a baby in the summer months — or if you just love to feel warm year-round! Here are our picks of warm weather baby names guaranteed to keep the chill away.

  • Finn
  • Verano (means “summer” in Spanish)
  • Caldo (means “hot” in Italian)
  • Natsu (means “summer” in Japanese)
  • Rainn

You can also look to the stars for inspiration, with the names of the summer constellations. There are three stars that make up the Summer Triangle inside the Milky Way: Vega, Altair and Deneb.

Baby names with weather-inspired meanings

You can also find weather-inspired baby names by searching for the meanings of names. The following names are not only unique, but have a cool story to them.

  • Amaya: Arabic girl name meaning “night rain”
  • Eira: Welsh girl name meaning “snow”
  • Istas: Native American girl name meaning “snow”
  • Yoki: Native American baby girl name meaning “rain”
  • Suma: English name meaning “born during the summer”
  • Nevada: Spanish boy name meaning “snow-clad”
  • Snowden: English boy name meaning “from the snowy hill”
  • Windham: English boy name meaning “from the windy village”
  • Zephyr: Greek boy name meaning “wind”
  • Guthrie: Gaelic boy name meaning “free wind”
  • Naseem: Arabic boy name meaning “a soft wind”
  • Somerset: English name meaning “from the summer settlers”

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