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New parents: Bring romance back for Valentine’s Day

Marva Soogrim

For parents with young children, trying to find moments alone can be a challenge. There never seems to be time for Mom and Dad to bond with each other, which is important for any marriage to be healthy.

Romantic dinner at home

Holidays like Valentine’s Day are the perfect opportunity for you both to get romantic!

If you can’t go out on the town for the evening because of the kids, it can still be a romantic night for the two of you. Staying home might not sound too exciting for a holiday like Valentine’s Day, but use your imagination and be open-minded. Here are some ways to be creative and surprise your spouse.

Order surprise flowers

While women are usually the recipient of flowers, there is a whole new trend of women sending flowers to their guys. Send some to the office and surprise your spouse.

Send a flirtatious message

Send your spouse a text message during the day that’s flirtatious. Give him a hint as to what will be in store for that evening.

Dress for the occasion

You and your husband should dress up just as though you were going out for dinner and a night on the town. Then, dim the lights and open a bottle of wine.

Prepare a special dish

Since you can’t make it to your favorite restaurant for the evening try to recreate the meal at home. If you and your husband have a favorite dish at a local restaurant give them a call and see if they will deliver it. Or, see if you can get the recipe.

Watch a scary movie

This might sound like the wrong holiday to watch one of these, but you could be starting a whole new trend. Why is it good for Valentine’s Day? A scary movie will get you both cuddling and holding each other.

Rekindle your romance

Now that you have kids, the days of when you were dating each other probably feel like a long time ago. However, you can still rekindle those romantic times with some fun memories. Find a whole bunch of photos of you both from your early days as a couple and put them in a photo album. Look through the book together.

Play your song

There must be a romantic song that’s “your song” with your spouse. Have it ready to play at some point in the evening. This will bring back more loving memories for the two of you. Be playful and dance to the music.

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