Good Friday activities for kids

Discover kid-friendly ways to observe Good Friday without playing into children’s anxieties. Good Friday family activities celebrate renewal and faith with concepts that young kids can understand.

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From planting seeds to making Easter crafts, these activities will help your family honor Good Friday.

While the Easter Bunny and egg hunts have become ubiquitous, the true meaning behind Easter is a beautiful and powerful message to share with children. As Easter approaches, share the miracle of the holiday with your little ones, reinforcing what they’ve learned at Sunday school, church or from your family. Try these kid-friendly Good Friday activities for your little ones as you take time to reflect and honor Easter.

Cook a Good Friday meal together

For many, Good Friday is a time to observe Lent and abstain from eating meat or red meat. As you adhere to this tradition, ask your kids to participate in making your dinner meal. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to vegetarian cooking while observing Good Friday. Plan the meal together, asking your kids for a lot of input so they feel involved. Try to prepare a meal that gets kids excited about going meatless. It could end up a tradition you continue once a week to teach your children about nutrition and healthy choices.

Make stained glass Easter crafts

Stained glass Easter crafts

One of the images strongly associated with worship is stained glass. As you honor Good Friday at home with your kids, create tissue paper crafts that mimic the look of stained glass. Using basic glue or Mod Podge, adhere small squares or triangles of colored tissue paper to wax paper. Paint on a smooth layer of glue to seal. When it dries, cut the paper into shapes, such as crosses and doves, and hang them on your windows. If you’re a fan of decorative jars, try using the tissue paper on the outside of a jar to create a beautiful votive candle holder. Light it using a child-safe LED tea light instead of a flame.

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Plant a tree to symbolize life

As you talk about Good Friday with your kids, ease their anxieties by focusing on the miracle of the Resurrection. To celebrate and symbolize life and miracles, plant a tree in your yard or find out if an area of your community would like you to donate a sapling. It’s easier for children to visualize the promise of a full grown tree if you begin by planting a sapling as opposed to a seed. Ask your kids to help and encourage them to get dirty and dig. Participation will help them feel like they’ve contributed to the tree’s future. Next Easter, you and your kids can check in on your tree.

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Read books about Good Friday

The Easter Story

The story of the days leading up to Easter is a somber tale that can make some young kids feel anxious. If you want to share the story of Good Friday with your kids but you’re not sure how to tell it in a kid-friendly way, consider reading a picture book written specifically for children. The Week that Led to Easter by Joanne Larrison and The Easter Story by Patricia A. Pingry both share the story of Easter in a way that isn’t too scary for small children. As with any book that deals with important subjects, read it first by yourself to make sure it aligns with what you’d like to share with your child.

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