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Peace at last: Create an I-spy bottle

The traditional game of I spy is a fantastic way to pass the time. But if you have kids who aren’t quite old enough to play, this creative option is sure to make the ride to school a piece of cake!

I spy bottle

My 4-year-old and I have tried to play traditional I spy multiple times. She loves to guess what my objects are and does a great job getting it right. Unfortunately, she doesn’t understand that she can’t change the object that she chooses if I guess right. So when I heard that my friend made her daughter an I spy bottle, I had to make one for my daughter as well.


  • Clear empty bottle
  • White rice
  • 15 Small objects to find
  • Computer with printer (optional)
  • Super glue
  • Funnel
  • Camera



Take a photo of your 15 objects

I filled our bottle with objects from around the house. I tried to use things that both my son and daughter would enjoy finding. The photo will be the finder guide for your game.

find your objects


Print the photo

Print the photo small enough that it won’t take up too much viewing space. Glue or tape the photo to the bottle to use as a guide. If your children are old enough to read, you can simply make a written list of the items.


Fill the bottle with rice

Fill your bottle with rice and objects, leaving about an inch of space at the top. Use a plastic kitchen funnel or simply make one out of paper.

add rice


Super glue the cap on the bottle

This is a must-do step unless you want to be cleaning up rice!


Shake and start spying!

final craft

After we made our bottle, my kids loved it so much we had to make a second so they could each have their own. We did make a smaller version for my 2-year-old son with fewer objects to find.

This game has become a constant companion for us on the way to school in the morning. My daughter especially loves to find the heart. It’s a great idea to have your child put in one special item to find.


If you want to make the craft even more fun, dye the rice with food coloring or add glitter to your rice mix.

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Photo credit: Laura Moriarity

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