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Cool crafts for kids: Glitter canvases

All kids love glitter! Heather Riccobono, elementary school teacher and owner of website Brie Brie Blooms, shows how you can make unique glitter canvases with your kids.

Glitter canvases

Glitter canvases are a surefire hit with kids. You may be thinking, “Glitter? In my house? No. Way.” Or perhaps, “I have a boy, and glitter is too girly.” Heather is happy to show you that glitter is an awesome artistic medium that both boys and girls love to use.

Get started

Heather says that any flat surface will do — even something as simple as firm cardboard or poster board. You can also paint over canvases that you already have, or purchase new from the store. Heather likes to use tempera paint which is great for crafts — it’s washable, so you can make a big mess and have an easy cleanup. Also, choose bright and colorful glitter, but make sure it’s fine glitter — it coats more evenly on the pieces you will be decorating. Try to get a glitter color that matches your object if you can.

Glitter canvases army men


Army men preparation

Heather is using army men for this project. Carefully add the glitter color of your choice to a sealable plastic bag. Make sure to re-cap the glitter to reduce the chance of colorful accidents. Coat a small toy or other item with glue (she uses tacky glue, but any type of glue will work, even Elmer’s school glue). Drop your item into the bag of glitter, seal, and shake gently, making sure that the item is completely covered.

Glitter canvas with toy


Add to canvas

Add a spot of glue to your canvas where you want the glittery item to be affixed — for this, tacky glue works best because it’s very sticky. Make sure you add enough so your item will be held on well. Gently take your item out of the glitter bag and place it on your canvas.

Glitter canvas with decorations


Let dry and add stamps

After adding your glittery toys or items, Heather recommends leaving it to dry on a flat surface for 45 minutes to an hour. You can add stamps to the canvas to personalize it or create a special phrase. Use inexpensive foam stamps that are available at any craft store. Use a paintbrush to add paint to the stamp and make sure that the paint is flat on the stamp before stamping. Often, it will apply unevenly which leaves a funky distressed look. If you don’t want that, use your paintbrush to fill it in for a more solid color.

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