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How to make eggshell seedling planters

Starting seedlings indoors can be educational and environmentally friendly. Start your summer garden by saying no to plastic and yes to this natural planter.


Eggshells make the perfect indoor seedling starters. They’re just the right size to start seeds, and when you’re ready to move outdoors, the plant does not need to be removed! They are an all-natural, all-awesome way to get your garden started.


  • Carton of eggs
  • Potting soil
  • Thumbtack or needle
  • Seeds



Crack open eggs

Crack the eggs on a sharp edge — like a counter or the edge of a bowl.

Crack egg

It works best to break the top third of the eggshell, if possible.


Rinse out shells

Pour egg white and yolk into a container to save, and rinse the shell with water.



Poke a hole

Poke a small hole in the bottom of the shell with a thumbtack or needle.

poke hole

The hole will allow the water to drain from the plant when you water.


Fill the shells with soil and seeds

Fill half the shell with potting soil, add your seed and then cover the seed until the egg is full.



Water your seedlings and watch them grow!

water seeds



Get ready to move the seedlings

When it is time to move your seedlings outdoors, it’s best to crack the shells around the seedlings before planting so the roots have room to expand.

Kid-friendly addition: My daughter made a stand for her egg planter. She used a strip of construction paper that she decorated, and then she glued it just right to hold her egg.


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Photo credits: Toni Bowers

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